'Game of Thrones' season 8 sees Bran Stark meet an 'old friend' and its implications are enormous

'Game of Thrones' season 8 sees Bran Stark meet an 'old friend' and its implications are enormous


After more than a year full of anticipation, when ' Game of Thrones'  season 8 finally came around on Sunday night, it did not disappoint. From long-awaited reunions to dragons and truth bombs, the season premiere had everything that we had expected ever since our last watch ended. While the Queen in the North/ Khaleesi /Daenerys Targaryen and her ally/nephew/true king Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen are bracing themselves for the fight with the Night King and flirting up a storm with dragon rides, Sansa and Arya Stark are trying to keep the band together and no surprises here, Cersei is totally planning to off both her brothers when the war is done. 


If you remember, Sir Jamie Lannister, Cersei's lover/brother had left her to fight for the living, perhaps one of the most sensible things he's ever done. He reaches Winterfell in the hopes that he will be able to offer his services and get through the times ahead but there's a surprise waiting for him when he arrives. Bran, the seer of all kingdoms and the know-it-all, is just sitting there staring at him. While Jaime's expression relays his shock, surprise, and remorse, Bran just sits there emotionless. But viewers can judge the emotions involved when he piques our interest with what he tells Sam Tarly in the episode earlier. He informs Sam that he was waiting for an "old friend" when he asks him what he was doing outside in the biting cold.  



Now, rewind all the way back to season 1 - Jamie was doing it with Cersei and when poor innocent Bran had climbed up the tower and had seen them, Jamie had shoved him off the window causing his legs to break. It was an iconic scene since that was the first time the show had taken everyone aback with its violence. But, as you know that was child's play in comparison to what was to come. If Jaime had not pushed Bran off the ledge, hopefully, some of the Starks we lost would have been alive. That very moment had set off a chain reaction so complicated that it required a three-eyed raven to clear it for us.  Only the three-eyed raven knows what's in store for the Kingslayer in the war that lies ahead so it is a fitting end to how their association started. 

This is the first time that these two are seeing each other after the horrifying fall and as you can imagine, Twitter had some reactions. 

One user wrote, "The devil works hard but bran stark works harder." 


While another chimed in, "Everyone: You wanna come in? Bran: No imma stay here. Everyone: But it's freezing Bran: I'm good. Everyone: You SURE? Bran: I'm waiting for an old friend. Jamie Lannister: [shows up, immediately gets got] Nobody's petty is operating on the same level as Bran Stark." 


A third user summed up all of our feelings in one tweet, "#GameOfThrones If you don't link the final scene of the 1st EP - Season 1 with the final scene of the 1ST EP - Final Season, you know nothing, baby!? #BranStark"

All we know is the sins of the past are being remembered now, so does this mean Jaime, the ever-conflicted Lannister, finally may have a chance to redeem himself? 

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