'Game of Thrones' accused of being racist after the latest death in season 8 episode 4

'Game of Thrones' accused of being racist after the latest death in season 8 episode 4


Well, it looks like things escalated too quickly after the Battle of Winterfell. We aren't just talking about the way 'Game of Thrones' lulled us into a false sense of security and then hit us with giant Grejoy fleets - we are talking about the way it killed off two of our favorites this week and they did not die pretty. Rhaegal, one of the only two dragons left with Dany took two giant arrows to the chest and fell into the water while Missandei of Naath, was slaughtered by the Mountain so Cersei could prove a point. 

Missandei of Naath will clearly be missed! (HBO)

As far as deaths go, the 'Game of Thrones' fandom isn't really new to getting their hearts broken but they are furious over the way Missandei died. According to them, the character deserved a lot more. "Cersei didn’t get a single tear out of Missandei. She has been through so much only to be killed this way. Nobody come near me I’m so sad," one fan tweeted. Another pointed out that the love we all thought we'd see go places, lays waste. "The saddest thing about Missandei's death is that now Gray Worm cannot take her to the islands of Naath as he had promised," one fan said. 

Some fans are also accusing the show of racism, saying, "Missandei's story is what happens when the writers cannot imagine a world where Black characters are fully developed so...not surprised." Another tweeted, "Why is everyone so shocked & pissed about #Missandei I knew there was no way in hell they were going to treat the ONLY black woman on #Gameofthrones right. This is coming from the same writers that are doing Confederate. A show where the south won the Civil War." A third user, "Missandei. Black. Former Slave. Died in CHAINS. No heroic arc. No real emotional payoff. Gratuitous scene to show that white supremacy was gonna win the day no matter who sat on the damn throne."

If this death wasn't already sad enough, fans have pointed out that she was rescued from chains by the Mother of Dragons back in Astapor and she died, in them in King's Landing. If that didn't get you tearing up, here's another nugget - her last words were the words that freed her. When Cersei told Missandei to speak her last words with a smirk on her face, knowing full well the effect it would have on her enemies, Missandei looked her queen and the love of her life in the eyes. Her lips stopped quivering. She took a deep breath, the kind that warriors take before they charge into battle and screamed, "Dracarys". 


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