'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 3's Great War might just remind you of the Red Wedding. Here's everything you can expect from it

'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 3's Great War might just remind you of the Red Wedding. Here's everything you can expect from it

The Wall has broken and the army of the dead has arrived at Winterfell, where our beloved heroes are preparing for one last night before the Great War. HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ has seen two plots run parallel in the last seven seasons- the political upheaval of Westeros where almost seven kingdoms are fighting against each other for the Iron Throne, and the impending doom of the White Walkers who are preparing to wash off the whole of humanity. Often the two have clashed and sometimes human endeavor has surpassed the dead's simple quest to take over the world. 

In both cases, there have been immense bloodshed, betrayal, and consequences that cannot be overruled. Perhaps one of the most dire consequences in 'Game of Thrones' was the Red Wedding, and we are about to have a similarly gory climax in the upcoming episode where the Great War is supposed to take place. While on one hand, the Red Wedding had put an end to a rebel king, the Great War is perhaps the only act of rebellion being carried out by Westeros as a nation. As we wait for the Great War to commence here are the top three things to expect from it:

The Great War might be a reminder of the Red Wedding. (IMDb)

1. A knight falls

In the Red Wedding, we had seen the fall of a brave warrior, Rob Stark when his corpse was tied to his horse and chased around. Rob acted as the epitome of the nobleman who rules for his people and abides by his elder's words. Similarly, Jaime Lannister is at the moment perhaps the most noble man on the show (other than Jon Snow). Jaime arrived to a rather snarling Winterfell which certainly remembers him as the Kingslayer, and the man who perhaps started the traumatic relations between the Starks and the Lannisters. With Jaime’s arrival, many old wounds were reopened, but Bran's act of forgiving him was an indication of Jaime's redemption. His character has now come to a complete circle, starting off as a guilt-driven golden prince to an aged man who fights for the living. Let’s just say, Jaime Lannister is bound to die a hero, like Rob Stark.


Jaime will perhaps face this honorable death in the next episode. (IMDb)

2. Plight of the Three-Eyed Raven

Bran is perhaps the most prepared to meet his death as he already declared the Night King's real purpose was to take him down. He will wait underneath the weirwood tree, protected by Theon and others who will ensure that when the Night King arrives they will kill him before he reaches Bran. That will never happen, it is almost improbable that the Night King will die even before he lays his hands on Bran. Chances are the Night King and Bran will perhaps become one body and then it will be left to the rest to decide if they will kill Bran in order to destroy the Night King. As an ultimate sacrifice chances are Bran will let himself die, only to keep the Night King away from further destruction. 


Bran will await the Night King's arrival underneath the weirwood tree. (IMDb)

3. A savior is born

It can be said the Great War will have some serious similarities with the Red Wedding which was perhaps the most gory execution of violence on 'Game of Thrones'. The Red Wedding took place right when Rob Stark was expecting a child, a probable heir to Winterfell but his quest remained incomplete after the whole Stark army was murdered. Chances are this time too Jon- who is now legally a Stark- will face a somewhat similar consequence as we had already discussed that he and Daenerys might be expecting a child. The Night King will inevitably want the child since we know he has been trying to build an army from the scratch, and what can be better than a Targaryen child being turned to a White Walker- just a perfect combination of ice and fire. On the other hand, this very child can be the binding factor for Jon and Daenerys who are right now stunned by the little secret they just realized. 


'Game of Thrones' Episode 3 returns to HBO on April 28. 

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