'Game of Thrones' season 8, episode 3 sees Melisandre's powers unleashed in the battle of Winterfell

'Game of Thrones' season 8, episode 3 sees Melisandre's powers unleashed in the battle of Winterfell

Spoilers Alert for season 8 episode 3

The 'War of Winterfell' in 'Game of Thrones' is here and all our favorite characters are ready to face it head-on. Brienne, Ser Jorah, Jaime, Tormund, Edd, Samwell, Hound, Gendry, Podrick, are all out to fight the war, but not even their rock-solid determination is a match to the wights that keep crawling out. Jon and Dany, try to help the war atop their dragons, but what they did not expect was to be caught up in a literal snowstorm blocking their visibility. It is then that the Red Woman, Melisandre, takes charge and gifts the army in the north with fire.


She also helps hold off the wights, just a little while longer when she fires up the trenches. This gives the warriors enough time to regroup and decide on a strategy. All of this helped them fight the war but probably not win it. For instance, when the Hound stops and loses himself in the insanity of this war that they probably will lose, Arya is the one who pulls him out of the reverie, but the one to even give Arya a clue about where she must go and what she must do was Melisandre.


Arya's role in the 'War of Winterfell' was revealed by Melisandre. (Source: HBO)

This is also probably why the character was never given much credit in the beginning of the show, but if Melisandre wasn't the one to remind Arya, who else would have? In the episode 'What do we say when death comes knocking?' Melisandre had also prophesized about Arya closing many eyes, which is why when she was told that she would close the blue one, she knew that it had to be true. She had an otherworldly sense of responsibility when she marched away from Melisandre and Hound, because 'Not Today'. When Arya utters these words, you know that the fate of Winterfell is in the hands of 'No One' because who else could have sneaked upon the Night King? All of this was possible because of Melisandre, who in the end, chose the high road as she walked out to her death. 

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