'Game of Thrones' season 8 fans disappointed by episode 3's Battle of Winterfell: 'They just don't care!'

'Game of Thrones' season 8 fans disappointed by episode 3's Battle of Winterfell: 'They just don't care!'

Spoilers ahead for season 8 Episode 3 

The Battle of Winterfell was epic and one that left us all bittersweet - but not all fans agree. Some 'Game of Thrones' fans felt that the episode was anticlimactic and that it lacked a classic 'GoT' end.  The reason for their disappointment is the way Arya kills the Night King, swiftly and precisely making them wonder what the buildup was for. "Anyone else slightly disappointed with how Arya was the one to kill the Night King or how she did it. Great battle sequence, great sacrifices, great cinematics. But that death scene, very anticlimactic!," one user wrote on Twitter. 


As it turns out, the Night King did have a couple of fans. "I really enjoyed that episode of #GameofThrones but I feel slightly disappointed. How NK go out like a bitch like that?!? How Jamie survive all that shit w 1 hand!! How they spend almost time 100 mil and ain’t got any lights on set?? Sad," another said. "Am I the only slightly disappointed one? I wanted there to be a huge showdown between the Wights/Nightking and whoever was left of the living. But instead...he got shanked. Didn’t see it coming at all but the Night King didn’t even wield a damn sword," another said.


The Night King, who had survived thousands of years of banishment and then survived everyone who came to kill him, built an army of the dead and took kids as a sacrifice, etc. did his bit in the battle. He even showed that he was invincible when it came to dragon fire. So it did feel too easy when Arya just stabbed him like he was human and finished him off. Perhaps he didn't see it coming because he was a tad bit overconfident? Who knows!? But Theon proved to be the perfect distraction as Arya sneakily carried out the task. 


But of course, the feeling also rose from the fact that the episode was pitch dark most of the time. "Ummmm am I the only one slightly disappointed and annoyed? Forty minutes of a nighttime battle in a snow storm? How are we supposed to see what’s going on? Who’s decision was that?  Whyyyyyy?!" one fan said. Another quipped, "How is this supposed to be the greatest action in TV/film history if it’s all filmed in pitch black darkness? I had to adjust my TV to full brightness and I still ended up having to turn the lights off. Great work, HBO."


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