In 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 3 Arya returns victorious, but did Bran already know this would happen?

In 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 3 Arya returns victorious, but did Bran already know this would happen?


Bran Stark told Theon Greyjoy, who managed to fend off all the wights until the Night King arrived, "Theon, you are a good man." While initially, one might think that this was Bran accepting his end and bidding farewell, what really happened in 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 3 was that Theon was killed by the hands of the Night King. Bran himself is about to be slain by the king in the presence of other white walkers, and just when he is about to unsheath his sword, we saw Arya lunge at him, and stab him with a dagger despite being choked. Fans on Twitter, who noticed this dagger, have found an interesting detail from the past about Bran and Arya. 



After Sansa, Arya and Bran reunite, Bran gives Arya a dagger. This dagger was once owned by Littlefinger, who then gives it to Bran before Arya and Sansa decide to execute him. When Sansa had asked Bran then, "Why would he give you a dagger?" Bran says, "Because I wanted it." Why? "Because it was meant to kill me," he says.

This little dagger is the same one that Littlefinger sent with an assassin to kill Bran Stark, many years ago. It was the same Valyrian steel dagger that he later told Catelyn Stark belonged to Tyrion Lannister, leading to her arresting the Imp, which in turn caused Jaime to attack Ned Stark in the streets of King's Landing. You could say that this dagger, intended for the throat of young Bran, helped ignite the entire war.

Sansa is, of course, hesitant about Littlefinger's gift after having gotten to know him so well. However, Bran doesn't heed to her warnings and instead hands the dagger over to Arya.

Does this hint at Bran not just knowing the past as the three-eyed raven, but also being able to see the future? This begs the question, what did Bran see when he was greenseeing during the battle? When the wights are about the approach Godswood, Bran says, "I have to leave now" and he doesn't come back to himself until after the last wight is killed. We did see splashes of the war, an image of the Night King who tries to hold out his hand, but after that, it is the war that we see. So what did Bran see? Did he see Arya speak to Melisandre? Is that how he knew she was coming for him? We did not see any fear in Bran when he came face to face with the Night King or when their eyes met. Does this also mean Bran knows what will happen in the war against Cersei? We will have to see that next week. 

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