Top 5 clues from 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 1 that you may have missed

Top 5 clues from 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 1 that you may have missed

'Game of Thrones' never puts up a scene which will not contribute to the story, and it followed the trend even through the teary-eyed reunions of Episode 1 in Season 8. While Jon Snow finally returned home to the Stark children, several events gradually began to unwrap themselves, setting the stage for a much bigger event. As we wait for Episode 2 to follow up on the consequences of these reunions, let's a look at the top five clues which were left behind in Episode 1:

1. The crossbow of death


Cersei's immediate necessity to behead all those who stand between her and the throne has led her to order for the heads of her two brothers, Jaime and Tyrion. While both the Lannisters brothers have sided with the army in the North to help them fight the Great War, Cersei has chosen to remain adamant on her decision of punishing them. We see Bronn being given the order to kill off Tyrion and Jaime when Qyburn hands him a crossbow- the same one with which Tyrion had killed Tywin Lannister in Season 4. The weapon has literally been utilized to signify treachery since Cersei had early considered Tyrion's killing of Tywin as a massive act of treachery. Similarly, the fact that both Jaime and Tyrion chose to support Daenerys is more than enough for her to address them as traitors. Hence, the crossbow in this scene is a direct indication to the death sentence of the defectors of House Lannister. 


2. Bran waits for an 'Old Friend'


The final scene in Episode 1 was perhaps the most breathtaking as Jaime finally locked eyes with the boy whom he had once tried to kill by pushing him off the tower. Only seconds before this reunion, Bran was telling Sam that he was waiting for an old friend, and it seems that Jaime is the one he had been waiting for. However, chances are Bran was perhaps also speaking of Theon Greyjoy, who after rescuing Yara, is now on his way to help Jon fight the Great War. While Jaime was the one who had crippled Bran, Theon was the one who betrayed his father, Ned Stark and took over Winterfell in Season 2. 

Bran might be talking about Theon too who actually is an old friend. (IMDb)

Being the Three-Eyed Raven now, Bran knows about everyone more than anyone else and he is perhaps even well-aware of the kind of journey both Jaime and Theon had to go through in order to redeem themselves from the crimes they had committed. Does that mean Bran is now considering them as really "old friends" or will he seek revenge just like any other character?

3. Poor Eddie burned his eyelid

Ed Sheeran's cameo in the opening episode of Season 7 was quite controversial, and Episode 1 of Season 8 gave a brief nod to the controversy as we finally get a hint of what might have happened to his character. Ed Sheeran posed as one of the Lannister army-men back in Season 7, and his singing of 'Hand of Gold' had attracted Arya who also struck a brief conversation with him. Immediately after that we see almost half of the Lannister army being burned to the ground when Daenerys goes complete "dracarys" on them, and some barely managed to escape the wrath of the dragons. While it almost seemed that the story about those soldiers is a thing in the past, nothing in 'Game of Thrones' goes unnoticed, and we once again get to hear about them among the conversation of the prostitutes who are spending time with Bronn.


Ed Sheeran's character was once again spoken about in Episode 1 of Season 8. (IMDb)

In the conversation between the prostitutes, we hear one of them saying, "That boy Eddie...Came back with his face burned right off. He's got no eyelids now." The scene serves as the perfect comic relief to the otherwise tensed atmosphere in King's Landing, as Bronn tries to break the conversation while the prostitutes speak of dead soldiers and dragons.

4. Arya's weapon

Arya is about to forge her own weapon as we see in Episode 1 she gives Gendry a design for a new weapon. The weapon looks like a small spear which is made of Dragonglass on one side and Valerian Steel on the other, but why would Arya forge such a weapon now? During her training as a faceless assassin, Arya was seen using a spear to fight her enemies and while she did not really use it much to murder the people on her list, looks like she is about to put her training to use by finally carving a weapon she is comfortable with. We know Arya is a great admirer of the Dornish warrior, Nymeria, and the Dornish warriors were known for the skilful use of spears and short spears to attack their enemy. 



An old legend also claims that the Dornish were the first to kill one of Aegon I Targaryen's dragons during the First Dornish War. When the dragon Meraxes, rode by Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, was destroying every city on its way, it was a spear made of valerian steel to pierce through the dragon's eyes, and it is said the spear was thrown by a Dornish warrior. Could this then mean that Arya will be the one to bring down Viserion, who is now riding the Night King?

5. Bran wargs into Drogon



While Jon's flight with the dragons was a clear indication of the upcoming revelation about his true parentage, the scene will remain stuck in our heads as Drogon stares at Jon and Daenerys when they kiss. While many fans are simply claiming that Drogon was basically staring at his mother's newfound love, chances are Bran might have just warged into Drogon in order to see what his brother was up to. Moreover, Bran had first warged into his wolf and later Hodor, both of whom he seemingly managed to control in order to move about but with them being out of the picture, Bran will need another creature to keep an eye on everything that's happening. What can be better than a dragon who flies?

We remember back in Season 4, the Three-Eyed Raven had told Bran, "You will never walk again, but you will fly.” Hence, chances are Bran had probably warged into Drogon already and this might have a major role to play in the Great War which will be in Episode 2, set to premiere on April 21. 


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