Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer was 'pissed off' at how things ended for Highgarden

Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer was 'pissed off' at how things ended for Highgarden
Natalie Dormer (Source : Getty Images)

Out of all the characters who have lived and died on 'Game of Thrones,' Margaery of House Tyrell proved to be one of the most intriguing and intelligent characters of the HBO hit.

As with the inevitable fate on GOT, Margaery went up in smoke along with her father and brother in season six finale when Cersei Lannister destroyed the Great Sept of Baelor. The powerful Tyrell family was survived by Lady Olenna in season seven, who wielded power and met her end during the siege of Highgarden by the Lannisters, with Olenna having an upper hand, even during her last moments.

With Tyrell's reign and generation ending, Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery went on to comment on the fate of Highgarden. She watched the season a year after her character, Margaery, was killed and like all of us she was devastated. "I was a bit pissed off," she said in a recent interview.

Unimpressed with how things ended for the House Tyrell, Natalie said; "Just looking at how gorgeous Highgarden was – and when the Highgarden soldiers were all dead on the floor, I felt, you know, protective."

"It was so stupid. It was that little bit of Margaery that's still in the back of my brain," she added. "Men wearing my sigil, lying in a pool of their own blood on the floor. I was like, 'Who's done this to my home?!"

However, Natalie was impressed with the iconic final scene of Lady Olenna, where the Queen of Thorns revealed that she killed Joffrey to Jaime Lannister's face. "It was a very moving scene."

"You really feel them revving the gears in [season seven]. There's got to be a lot of collateral damage to get to the end of season eight. So you can kind of smell that it's coming."

Natalie believes that the show would have taken a different turn and the Highgarden would not have been destroyed, the way it did, had Margaery still been around. "It would not have happened if Margaery had still been alive."

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