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Gabby Petito's friend Rose Davis says Brian Laundrie has wilderness survival skills

Rose Davis described Brian Laundrie as 'a sociopath' who is adept at lying
Rose Davis said that Petito often opened up about the tense altercations between them (Brian Laundrie/Instagram)
Rose Davis said that Petito often opened up about the tense altercations between them (Brian Laundrie/Instagram)

A friend of Gabby Petito has said that Brian Laundrie has wilderness survival skills that he could use to evade arrest. “He is out in the wilderness, I promise you,” Rose Davis told the celebrity tabloid People. “...If he’s alive, he’s out there, camping out ... He lived in the Appalachians by himself for months.” Davis also said that Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito's relationship was “very toxic", and Laindrie had “jealousy issues”. "At the time, it just seemed like he was jealous," said Davis, 21. "Honestly, it seemed like a jealousy problem, which I understood because, you look at Brian and then you look at Gabby and you're like, 'Gabby, you could have anyone in this entire world.'"

“He did have jealousy issues and that was apparent. I mean that you could see right through it when after you hang out with them just a few times," Davis said. She described Laundrie as "a sociopath" adept at lying, and said that Petito often opened up about the tense altercations between them.


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Brian Laundrie's whereabouts are publicly unknown at present, with law enforcement officials out on a massive manhunt for him. The search entered its second week on Saturday, September 25. “We’re looking through wooded areas, we’re looking through bodies of water, we’re looking through swampy areas,” North Port Police Commander Joe Fussell said on Friday, September 24. “We have air units, we have drones, we have the swamp buggies, airboats, multiple law enforcement agencies, we have ATVs, we have UTVs and we have officers on foot as well.”


In the midst of the manhunt for Brian Laundrie, several theories about where he might be at present and where he might be heading towards came to the fore. One report suggested that Laundrie "may be heading to the Appalachian Trail". According to Bill Warner, a private investigator, the 23-year-old “elite hiker, outdoorsman, on the run in the woods, may be headed for the Appalachian Trail.” The Appalachian National Scenic Trail is a marked hiking trail extending between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine. The trail is about 2,200 miles long. Warner also suggested, “Brian Laundrie going all out ‘Eric Rudolph style’ who eluded the FBI for 5 years while hiding in the woods.” Other speculation suggest that he might be heading towards either Mexico or Cuba to escape arrest. None of these theories, however, can be supported with evidence at the moment. 

A survival expert in Sarasota said that if Laundrie was really in the Florida wilderness, he is either dead or in very bad shape by now. “If he's down there in the Carlton Reserve, he's living in hell,” survival expert Mark Burrow said. Burrow, who teaches people how to survive in the wild with nothing but a knife, said with heavy rain in recent days, starting a fire will be nearly impossible. It's also the wrong season for foraging edible plants, Burrow said. “People have been making a big deal of the alligators and the snakes,” Burrow said. “But it's dehydration that's the real danger.”