Gabbie Hanna nudes: OnlyFans debut price trolled for 'robbing teenagers blind'

The social media influencer Gabbie Hanna will be charging $25 per month for anyone who wants to access her exclusive OnlyFans page

                            Gabbie Hanna nudes: OnlyFans debut price trolled for 'robbing teenagers blind'
Gabbie Hanna has joined OnlyFans (Twitter/@GabbieHanna)

Gabbie Hanna, who often makes headlines for her feud with fellow YouTuber Trisha Paytas, has created quite a buzz on Twitter by opening an account on OnlyFans. The subscription-based website has recently gone viral for hosting X-rated content from celebrities on its platform. The former Vine star, who rose to fame under the name 'The Gabbie Show,' took to Twitter and Instagram and announced that she has created an OnlyFans profile, under the name 'theinfamousbabz.'

"Verified haters took enough of my time, i made a place for only the fans link in bio ;) expect the unexpected," she announced on Instagram, sharing two topless photos of herself, with heavy makeup. She shared the same two photos on Twitter with the caption, "just a reminder that i could fuck both your parents and the one person you love the most but choose not to! have an amazing day!" She will be charging $25 per month for anyone who wants to access her exclusive OnlyFans page.



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OnlyFans plans

Although she is just now opening her OnlyFans account, Gabbie has said that she wanted to do so for the past year. In a Twitter post from March 2020, the YouTuber urged people to utilize the lockdown period to work on their dreams or start an OnlyFans account.

“Now is a good time to start that hobby or project you’ve been putting off, catch up on work you’re behind in, or finally watch that show you haven’t made time for. or to start an only-fans. now would be a good time to start an only-fans," she tweeted at the time.

In December, Hanna also said that the idea of launching her own OnlyFans profile has been in the works for some time. "I havent NOT thought about making an onlyfans," Hanna said. 



'Downhill from here'

Most people on Twitter were either confused about Hanna's choice to join OnlyFans or expressed that they did not want access to her nudes. "Gabbie Hanna gave us an OnlyFans account no one asked for," one Twitter user said. Another commented, "gabbie hanna’s onlyfans is priced at $25/month but for only $0/month you can make fun of her on twitter and get the same satisfaction." A third remarked, "gabbie hanna jus made a onlyfans...eventually mfs gon start posting her nudes on the tl." One more wrote, "Oh, so 'gabbie hanna onlyfans' is no longer just a recurring intrusive thought of mine."

The next quipped, "I see Gabbie Hanna’s finally made an OnlyFans. The only thing of any worth she’ll ever do. That said. Ain’t paying $25 - anybody leaking that shit yet?" Another chimed in, saying, "gabbie hanna gave up on music and moved to onlyfans feeling: confused." One more stated, "Me checking Trishas Twitter after Gabbie Hanna made an only fans." Another tweet remarked, "If Gabbie Hanna can be successful on OnlyFans who’s to say I can’t."

One anti-fan wrote, "Gabbie hanna onlyfans turned my gay." Others were shocked at what she was charging, with one user exclaiming, "Not gabbie hanna charging a $25 dollars a month on only fans for semi lewd photos 25 DOLLARS?! She's robbing these teenagers blind." One more tweeted, "Gabbie Hanna broke up with her boyfriend & now had an onlyfans. It’s going down hill from here, I promise you."












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