GRiZ makes a grand return to social media, drops two singles in one day

GRiZ's social media hiatus abruptly ended when on November 1, the artist took to Facebook Live to announce the immediate release of two new songs.

                            GRiZ makes a grand return to social media, drops two singles in one day

A year off the spotlight was only for the better as GRiZ marked his grand return with a bang releasing two brand new singles 'It Gets Better' and 'Can't Get Enough.' GRiZ's social media hiatus abruptly ended when on November 1, the north Detroit artist took to Facebook Live from Facebook Studios L.A. to announce the immediate release of two new songs, one of which features Atlantic Records’ DRAM, who has collaborated with the likes of Lil Yachty, Chance The Rapper and Gorillaz.  

As soon as the official lyric-video of 'It Gets Better,' was released, fans pointed out the feel-good vibe of the song as the song centers upon the message of keeping positive through hard times, assuring the listeners that the ship will sail through to a better tomorrow. The single also features DRAM's first-ever rap verses with a chorus echoing children singing. DRAM has contributed his own soulful vocals blending perfectly with GRiZ's electronic funk. DRAM’s ethos is simple and parallels that of GRiZ; stay true to yourself, spread love and positivity. Both artists aim to preach openness, acceptance, and love to their devout fanbases, deeming the collaboration a Cinderella’s glass slipper.

Accompanying the release of 'It Gets Better,'  is another solo single 'Can't Get Enough,' a groovy guitar-driven electronic music where GRiZ himself makes a vocal debut preaching the message of love and why it's never enough for us because we ask for more instead of counting our blessings. The bottom-line is to give out more love to receive abundant love. ‘Can’t Get Enough’, features GRiZ’s first ever rap verse. A homage to the classical GRiZcography, guitar riffs, twangy basslines and festival-worthy soundscapes lay the perfect foundation for the long-awaited self-performed verse. It’s the final piece to the puzzle, and one that has taken almost a decade to master. The double A-side displays Grant’s mission to dig deeper and evolve his signature sonic palette, looking for internal and external inspiration, while eschewing du jour musical trends, to explore his range of sound design and arrangement.

The pair of tunes is the first music the Denver-based multi-instrumentalist has released in over a year. Following an extended social media blackout, GRiZ surfaced on November 1 breaking an eight-month-long silence by way of a Facebook Live stream. His return is one long awaited by fans as after announcing his departure from social media last year, fans feared that it was the end of GRiZ. Little did they know, he would spend that time not only holed away in his studio but also traveling the country recording new music.

Appropriately, the group of songs will be paired with two lyric videos to parallel the remarkability of the features from both DRAM and GRiZ himself. It’s been an eventful few years for GRiZ, the launch of his 15-piece live band, cannabis-debut GRiZ Kush, his own name brand Ale, his coming out publicly, and the annual holiday-charity smashes GRiZMAS in Detroit.