Season 4 of FX's 'Fargo' rumored for only a 2020 return

Season 4 of FX's 'Fargo' rumored for only a 2020 return
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Fans of FX's highly popular black comedy-crime drama anthology 'Fargo' will have to wait a considerable amount of time for the next season to premiere. Initially thought to have been set for a 2019 release, it seems increasingly likely that the show will not be returning to screens until at least 2020, three years after season 3 last aired.

FX had announced in January of this year that the fourth season was already in development and set for a release next year, but that has been refuted by one of the executive producers, Warren Littlefield. Littlefield says that the latest season will not go under production until the fall of 2019, making a release that year all but impossible.

While a release in the December of that year is technically possible, fans should not keep their hopes too high, especially considering that both season 1 and season 3 aired in April, which should prove to be an ideal timeline for the upcoming season as well. Creator Noah Hawley has similarly dampened any such expectations in the past, stating that the show returning in 2019 was 'a long shot.'

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Littlefield did confirm a few details about season 4: "We have a year, and we have a city [that season 4 takes place in]. The plan would be to go into production and start shooting in the fall of 2019. Noah has a lot on his plate."

"Noah knows when it is and where it is, and he’ll commence writing that after he shoots his feature with Fox Searchlight this summer. So in the fall, he’ll begin writing and with Fargo we generally have most of the scripts written before we go into production," he continued. 

There's little doubt that fans are eagerly waiting for the show to make its comeback, but the fact that the production is taking its own sweet time should eventually bode well. Each of the previous seasons has been brilliantly done, and season 4 will ideally keep true to the dark humor, quirky characters, and gripping storytelling.

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