Furious 10-man brawl breaks out at Royal Ascot while the Queen cheered horses on at racecourse nearby

The Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire was witness to a massive brawl after two drunken young men reportedly started exchanging blows with each other

                            Furious 10-man brawl breaks out at Royal Ascot while the Queen cheered horses on at racecourse nearby

The Royal Ascot held at the Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire every June still remains a major draw, attracting crowds in the thousands over the course of its five days. While it is normally a dignified affair, this year saw a furious 10-man brawl erupt between racegoers on the same day that the Queen decided to make an appearance at the event to watch the horse races.

The brawl broke out in the Windsor Enclosure, the economy zone of the Berkshire event on Friday, June 21, and saw several sent sprawling to the ground as punches and kicks flew around indiscriminately, reported the Daily Mail.

The entire scuffle was caught on camera, with footage showing a group of about 10 men getting at one another with reckless abandon and little regard for those around them in a spectator area at the edge of the racecourse. It appears as though a fight first broke out between a few of the young men before escalating into a full-fledged brawl, with friends on both sides getting involved in the battle.

As the video continues, one man can be heard egging another friend on and yelling, "Come on, give it to him! Give it to him!" as two men can be briefly seen exchanging blows before they are engulfed in the mass scuffle breaking out around them. The brawl soon starts inflicting collateral damage, with a crowd of seated women getting pushed from their seats and sent crashing to the ground after the fighters barge into their area.

Chairs, tables, and drinks were not spared either, with horrified onlookers looking helpless as the fight seemingly kept escalating further and further. One of the fighters, dressed in a three-piece pinstriped suit, flat cap, and sunglasses, appeared to be one of the primary aggressors and could be seen lashing out at another one of the racegoers, who is sent flying to the grass off camera.

A witness told The Mail that the fight broke out after one of the drunk men bumped into another and the two began shoving each other forcefully. "Two guys started pushing and shoving each other," they said. "Then a fight broke out, throwing punches and knocking girls over. I was shocked by it. I couldn't believe my eyes. You don't expect to see that at Ascot."

According to The Sun, police arrested two men — a 59-year-old from Epsom, Surrey, a 26-year-old from Chelmsford, Essex —and one 26-year-old woman in connection to the brawl. 

Watch the video of the brawl here: