How did Fuquan Johnson die? Comedian, 42, found dead in LA along with two others

How did Fuquan Johnson die? Comedian, 42, found dead in LA along with two others
Fuquan Johnson was a famous LA-based comedian (Instagram)

Los Angeles-based comedian Fuquan Johnson has reportedly been found dead, along with two other comics in the Venice neighborhood of LA, while a fourth person in their group is currently hospitalized. Johnson was a well-known name in the Los Angeles comedy scene and often performed in shows across the city. The 42-year-old was close friends with fellow comic Kate Quigley who is the person presently in hospital. The duo had dated in the past and was often photographed together. 

Fuquan Johnson aka Fu had been in the stand-up circle for over a decade and has toured with prominent headliners like Shawn and Marlon Wayans. He had appeared on TRUTV's Laff Mobb's Laff Tracks as well as All Def Digital’s website in several web series, sketches and games. In fact, he had written, produced and acted in some of the shows himself. "I’ve written my own pilot series which I also directed, produced and fully self-funded called Yellow Wangs," Johnson mentioned in his website bio, adding that he also had been an Associate Producer for the MTV show 'High Crimes' that did not take off. 


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Johnson and his friends' deaths are believed to be the result of drug overdose. More specifically, cocaine laced with fentanyl appears to have been consumed by all of them. Johnson had previously admitted that smoking weed was one of his most common quarantine activities.

Johnson and the others' bodies are currently with the LA Coroner's Office while autopsy results are awaited. 

According to TMZ, Fuquan Johnson, Kate Quigley and the two other deceased members attended a get-together on Friday night, September 3, at a house in Venice, L.A. Quigley is a resident of a property adjacent to the house where the party was hosted. After the guests at the party noticed Johnson and his friends in critical condition, they called 911. Cops pronounced Johnson and two others dead at the scene while Quigley was transported immediately to the hospital. Her present condition remains unclear. LAPD officials are also uncertain who supplied the prohibited drugs to the group and under what circumstances they overdosed on the same. 

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