'Fuller House' star Michael Campion calls Lori Loughlin family, says it was 'sad' to lose cast member

'Fuller House' star Michael Campion calls Lori Loughlin family, says it was 'sad' to lose cast member

Lori Loughlin's implications on the college scandal lead Netflix to reportedly drop her from the final season of 'Fuller House', but cast member Michael Campion still lent his support saying "She is our family". Loughlin's dismissal comes after she and her husband were among the 50 people accused in the scam, which facilitated bribing coaches to recruit students for athletic programs and cheating in college entrance exams. 

Talking on the sidelines of a charity event, Campion spoke exclusively to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) about how "sad" it was to lose a member like her from the cast. "It is kind of sad losing a member like that because I didn't think that she wasn't going to be on the show anymore but that was Netflix's decision. It is sad and I think that we're going to go on and honoring her on the show, she is our family after all," he remarked.


Campion also added that season 5's script was still being written when the incident happened and there wasn't much that had to be changed after Netflix's announcement.  He also went on to say that it was a great experience working with the 54-year old. "She's great, and I love her."

Loughlin appeared regularly on “Fuller House,” appearing in 13 of the show's 57 episodes through the fourth season. According to THR, there are no plans for the actress to return to the show in its fifth season.

When asked about what the audience could expect in the fifth season, Campion said he didn't know much about what was in store either. "We had a meeting with the writers, and there are a couple of possibilities that I suggested," he said. "I want to go and get into a really nice college... take my football to the next level... but again I am not even sure because I haven't known what has been exactly written, but I am as excited as you all are"


Talking about his projects, Campion said that he would 'Fuller House' is on his list followed by a string of weekend magic performances at the Magic Castle.

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