Will 'Frozen 2' have the same impact as the first film which set the stage for strong 'feminist' leads and broke Disney's stereotypes

Will 'Frozen 2' have the same impact as the first film which set the stage for strong 'feminist' leads and broke Disney's stereotypes

From the merchandise to the song 'Let it go' playing everywhere, Disney's 2014 film 'Frozen' became a path-breaking film for the studios, for several reasons. 

The film was hailed for its strong female lead, her determination to be free and to let go of all the shackles. It was also called feminist, as for once, the protagonists Elsa and Anna didn't need any prince to save them.

Compare this to princesses like Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid', 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarves', where they remain docile damsels in distress while waiting for their valiant prince to come and rescue them.

Disney also mocked its own clichés, as Anna decides to marry a prince she just met, something that her new-found friend Kristoff mocks heartlessly later. At the end of the film, Kristoff and Anna are in a slow and steady relationship.  

The real love that got the focus in the film, apart from the idea of self-love, was the bond between the two sisters. In the climax of the film, Anna rushes to save her sister Elsa and almost gets turned into ice herself. This act of true love heals Anna.

Frozen also sparked many discussions, whether it was actually feminist or not. There were harsh criticisms about Elsa fashioning her new dress, which was apparently too glitzy and a tad revealing.

Another criticism was why Anna chose two male companions in her effort to go and find Elsa when she ran away from the castle. Where did the strong women support systems go then? Did Disney return to the old and familiar traditions when trying to break away?


Yet, despite all this, 'Frozen' started a discussion and paved the way for the next few Disney films. 'Maleficent' also chose to show the true love between a godmother and daughter, rather than a prince.


So, yes, love it or hate it, 'Frozen' did have an impact.

In 'Frozen 2', Elsa is all set to find the source of her powers and understand its origins. She and the gang have to save Arendelle from the great peril that looms around them.

The trailer shows the strong love between the two sisters again, as Anna insists on being there for Elsa, despite rain, hail and snow. The tone is more tense and worrying in this film. Will 'Frozen 2' spark a discussion as well and be hailed for feminist leads? Or will it be just another Disney adventure?

'Frozen 2' will hit the screens on November 22.


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