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Pregnant Ukrainian woman found dead in 'arms of her husband' after Russian drone attack on Kyiv

Viktoria Zamchenko, who, was six months along with her first kid, died along with her husband Bohdan and two other people
Kyiv has been dive-bombed by what look to be Iranian-made 'kamikaze' drones launched by Russia (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Kyiv has been dive-bombed by what look to be Iranian-made 'kamikaze' drones launched by Russia (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

KYIV, UKRAINE: Viktoria Zamchenko, a 34-year-old sommelier, and her husband Bohdan were at home when their home in the centre of the Ukrainian capital was devastated by kamikaze drones, killing her. Friends called her Vika, and she was six months along with her first kid. The botched bombing raid also claimed the lives of her husband Bohdan and two other people.

Several of her heartbroken colleagues wrote on Facebook, "Today, her body was found in the arms of her beloved husband Bohdan and a cat in the house where a Russian drone flew in. They have been waiting on the baby."

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"We were madly in love with Vika. Sure you loved it too. Finding the right words is hard. But let's say Vika's phrase, which she kept repeating: 'you should feel less sorry for yourself'. This is how strong we will remember her. Forever."

On October 17, Russia President Vladimir Putin launched a blitz against the Ukrainian capital, causing numerous explosions to shake the city's centre for the second time in a week. According to officials from Ukraine, the early-morning strike hit Kyiv four times. They claimed that the attack, which destroyed a residential building and targeted the main train station, started at 9 am local time. Air raid sirens sounded when Iranian-supplied Shahed-136 "suicide" drones targeted the nation's energy supplier in the Shevchenkiv area.

Russian missiles also struck the Ukrainian capital a week ago at rush hour as part of widespread assaults that claimed 19 lives.

Gunfire rattled around the city as anti-aircraft missiles urgently attempted to shoot them down. One interception appeared to be captured on video and was posted on social media.


Rescuers in the Shevchenkivskyi neighbourhood looked for survivors among the rubble of an apartment building that partially collapsed during one attack. As several firemen and emergency personnel worked at the site, the roadway was blocked off. Vika was one of the four whose bodies were recovered from the building. 

Mayor Vladimir Klitschko described the Russian attacks as a "genocide of the Ukrainian people", saying, "The Russians need a Ukraine without Ukrainians." He also said that in order to defend the capital against more drone strikes, the municipal authorities were anticipating the delivery of air defence equipment very soon.

"The enemy can attack our cities, but it won't be able to break us," said President Volodymyr Zelensky. He described the attacks as "terrorising the civilian population, according to BBC