BRO CODE: Reason why Matt LeBlanc was dead against Joey and Rachel getting together on 'Friends' finally revealed

Executive producer/director Kevin S Bright said it took some convincing for Matt LeBlanc to come around to the idea of Rachel and Joey as a couple

                            BRO CODE: Reason why Matt LeBlanc was dead against Joey and Rachel getting together on 'Friends' finally revealed

When it comes to 'Friends' and its iconic storyline, there is one that tends to stick out -- Joey and Rachel's coupling. Their late-blooming romance made many wonder if it was adorable, or appalling?

Fans are till date pondering on that particular subject but to put it all at ease, it has now been revealed that Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey, was totally against the idea when it was first pitched.


According to Digital Spy, Kevin S Bright, the executive producer/director of the hit TV series, said, "I can tell you this – in the beginning, Matt LeBlanc did not want to do that story. He was very firmly against it, saying that he's Ross's friend and that the type of friend that Joey is would never go and take someone else's girlfriend."


Bright also explained that it was very hard to convince Matt and it took quite a few conversations for him to agree to the storyline.

Bright even added that the audience eventually "got on board" after the initial shock by the surprise coupling.

 "I think if she's not going to be with Ross, who else would you want her with?" Bright said. "That went okay with the audience. No big letters on that one!"

Bright was in London visiting Comedy Central's FriendsFest, which has been touring the UK and was launched in London last weekend. The FriendsFest experience included recreations of Monica's apartment and even Joey and Chandler's apartment in detail with the complete adjoining corridor. It also included Ross's apartment and the famous Central Perk cafe. Fans can also recreate the most famous "PIVOT!" scene on a replica staircase.


"Really, approaching it, I couldn't imagine what it was," Bright said of the experience. "It's not like we're an action show, you know, like The A-Team or something, and there'll be rides and demonstrations of stunts or something! But what it is, is it's really an opportunity for fans of the show to get together, to share, to immerse themselves in the exhibits there, which reflect so many aspects of the show. So it's just a lot of fun, and I was really surprised by it."

'Friends' airs daily on Comedy Central. Check your local listing for the timings.