'Good Trouble' Season 2B Episode 18: Finale serves up an equal amount of heartbreak and delight

'Good Trouble' Season 2B Episode 18: Finale serves up an equal amount of heartbreak and delight

Spoiler alert for Season 2B Episode 18

We have seen the residents of Coterie go through enough in the two seasons of 'Good Trouble'. Be it fighting for a cause close to their heart or making the biggest compromises for their loved ones, the characters of the series beautifully portrayed myriad emotions, which viewers could associate themselves with. 

While the previous episode of 'Good Trouble' Season 2B ended with a lot of uncertainty thrown at our faces, owing to all the drama that had just unfolded in the lives of our beloved characters, the finale ensures it brings closure before ending. However, whether they deserved a conclusion of this sort or not is subject to fair debate.

In Episode 19 titled 'Trap Heals', the members of the Coterie meet at a big event which has been organized by Trap Heals to honor the victims of police brutality, essentially a memorial for all the black lives lost in the battle against the legal system. 

The event helps Malika Williams (Zuri Adele) rekindle the relationship between her father and brother, thus coming together as a family once again. But the confessions hanging by the bar reveal certain details about the residents of the Coterie that could tear them apart.

While Callie Adams Foster (Maia Mitchell) expresses her desire to move back in with Mariana Adams Foster (Cierra Ramirez), Isabella confesses to having slept with Raj Patil (Dhruv Uday Singh) without Mariana's knowledge.

Trap Heal's party also gives Alice Kwan (Sherry Cola) a leg to stand on as Ruby tells her to go ahead with the auditions despite facing a lot of resistance from her mentor Lindsay Brady (Rhea Butcher), whose true motives eventually come to light.

The finale sees the foster sisters deeply entangled in issues concerning their romantic lives as Callie learns that a sector of Onway international is building the majority of jails and detention centers in the US and acquiring properties in the pretext of offering housing for the displaced.

Mariana continues to be torn between her feelings for Raj and Evan Speck (TJ Linnard), until Davia reveals to her Isabella's confession at Trap Heals. 

Season 2B of 'Good Trouble' showcases the majority of the characters in a different light, as opposed to how they were looked at in the first season. It remains to be seen if the creators are planning on stretching the saga beyond the limits of the Coterie if a third season is ordered, which we hope for too.


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