'Good Trouble' Season 2B Episode 16 Preview: Mariana and Raj are a mess in the love department

'Good Trouble' Season 2B Episode 16 Preview: Mariana and Raj are a mess in the love department
Evan Speck, Mariana Adams Foster (Freeform)

Mariana Adams Foster (Cierra Ramirez) and Raj Patil (Dhruv Uday Singh) or lovingly known as 'Miraj' among 'Good Trouble' fans are facing a bit of a turmoil in their relationship, as it looks like there is no limit to their fancies.

In the previous episodes of 'Good Trouble' Season 2B, we saw Raj and Mariana being hopelessly attracted to Isabella and Evan Speck respectively.

Their attempts to keep the dirty desires at bay fail terribly when both realize they could not get rid of the sensual thoughts, which have occupied the couple's minds for quite some time now.

As all of the Coterie and a few additional guests gathered in the previous episode to celebrate Valentine's Day, Raj runs into Mariana's new roommate Isabella (Priscilla Quintana), whose charm has already swept Mariana's man off his feet.

As if a lap dance and erotic thoughts of the same weren't enough to petrify Raj, who has now come to terms with his feeling for Isabella, the latter reveals to him that she had picked the magic book for him, not Mariana.


As Jamie Hunter (Beau Mirchoff) said, Raj’s fantasies wouldn’t have been big of a deal had they remained only fantasies. However, they are now attached to feelings and Raj is only getting drawn closer to Isabella by the moment.

In the preview of 'Good Trouble' Season 2B Episode 16, Mariana is seen struggling to keep her inner cougar calm while working in proximity with Evan. At one point he even tells Mariana, "so, you have feelings for me". However, we couldn't tell yet if it was another illusion of Mariana's or if Evan is well-aware of her desires and is simply playing along.

The preview also sees Raj being welcomed to Mariana's room by Isabella, who offers him lessons in yoga. Although Raj was supposed to cleanse his soul by taking a tour down the spiritual path, he was only seen staring at the curves Isabella’s frame displayed as he tried to soak it all in.


'Good Trouble' Season 2B airs on Wednesdays on Freeform.

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