#FreeKesha: Fans slam Katy Perry, Lady Gaga after Kesha ordered to pay Dr Luke $375,000 in damages

New York State Supreme Court ruled against Kesha in her long-running legal battle against producer Lukasz 'Dr Luke' Gottwald who she accused of raping Katy Perry

                            #FreeKesha: Fans slam Katy Perry, Lady Gaga after Kesha ordered to pay Dr Luke $375,000 in damages
Dr Luke, Katy Perry, Kesha (Getty Images)

Kesha fans are infuriated and heartbroken and are slamming Katy Perry. On February 6, New York State Supreme Court Judge Jennifer G Schecter ruled against the singer in her long-running legal battle against producer Lukasz 'Dr Luke' Gottwald.

According to court documents, Kesha was found guilty of making "a false statement to Lady Gaga about Gottwald and that was defamatory". The court was referring to the texts Kesha sent to Lady Gaga where she claimed Gottwald had raped singer Katy Perry. Perry denied the claim under oath and the judge said that there was no supportive evidence to back Kesha's claim.

"Ur overall silence on the #FreeKesha and #MeToo movements are DEAFENING @katyperry," one fan tweeted. Another said, "Am I missing something here or is it strange neither #LadyGaga or #KatyPerry are riding with this #FreeKesha hashtag?" Another fan called Perry a "scumbag". "Um. Katy Perry said she was full of it," said another.

This comes after Perry drew backlash for being named ambassador of British Asian charity because she is neither British nor Asian. People named Zayn Malik, Dev Patel and Jameela Jamil as better contenders for the role.

One fan said that irrespective of the reality, they held Perry accountable for causing suffering to Kesha.

"Everybody tweeting #FreeKesha needs to be also tweeting @katyperry and ask her why she lied? She either lied about being raped or lied that she wasn't.... Either way she's ALSO accountable for the pain Keisha is suffering right now," the fan said. Another tweeted, "I know it would be difficult for her, but I feel like @katyperry could save Kesha's whole life right now."

A Kesha fan wrote, "Lady Gaga was the one who said that Kesha should convince Katy to speak, stating that Katy was so evil for not going out to say that Dr Luke raped her, when they didn't even know if it was true! Gaga is the one should pay. Even if Katy was abused, it is she who must decide speak."

Another fan added, "Kesha's situation is very sad, it is horrible to go through all that and have to pay. But the slander is Lady Gaga. She was the one who told Kesha that she should state that Katy Perry was also sexually abused, even though Katy was not prepared or willing to do so."

However, many fans felt differently and that it wasn't fair to drag Gaga and Perry into it. "Kesha definitely doesn't deserve to have to pay her abuser any amount of money. But please don't drag Kesha, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. It's a complex situation as it is, and none of us know exactly what happened, what was said or how things went down. #FreeKesha," tweeted one fan.

"Women stop trying to make this a 'Men' thing, Kesha told Lady Gaga that Dr Luke raped Katy Perry, I believe that he did, but stop making Kesha the victim, at the end of the day that’s Katy Perry’s story time tell, not Kesha," another said.

Several fans believe that Perry could be "scared". "She dropped charges, court still won’t release her contract & Katy’s deposition, at this point, could you blame Katy being scared if anything did happen? #FreeKesha was before #MeToo. They’ll still ask why survivors don’t report... 1.3M reasons," tweeted a fan.

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