‘Frasier’ Revival: 16 years after final episode drew 33M viewers, fans divided over bringing NBC show back

The beloved NBC show's final episode ‘Goodnight, Seattle’ was watched by 33 million heartbroken fans from all across the globe who had hoped it would never end

                            ‘Frasier’ Revival: 16 years after final episode drew 33M viewers, fans divided over bringing NBC show back
‘Frasier’ (NBC)

After an epic 264-episode run, ‘Frasier’ ended on May 13, 2004, after 11 seasons. The beloved NBC show's final episode ‘Goodnight, Seattle’ was watched by 33 million heartbroken fans from all across the globe who had hoped the show would continue forever.   

Kelsey Grammer played the titular role of Frasier Crane for a total of 20 years and all the other characters, including Daphne Moon, Niles Crane, Roz Doyle, and Martin Crane became a part of viewers' lives. 

Many didn't watch the last episode for many years because they couldn't digest the fact it was ending. "Frasier is my absolutely favorite series, but for a long time I put off watching the ending. I think part of me didn't want the series to end; I didn't want that sense of finality for this show I cared and enjoyed so much. I wanted these characters to live on forever and have my own imagination fill in the rest of their stories," one wrote.

‘Frasier’ (NBC)

Another posted, "I never watched it. I know it sounds a bit silly, but I was burning through the final season, and I just decided that I didn't really want to say goodbye. It was a rough time in my life, and watching Frasier was one of the few moments I could step outside everything else and giggle for a little while."

16 years are gone and one of the key actors, John Mahoney, is no more, but the showrunners are now planning a revival. In an interview with Metro.co.uk, Peri Gilpin, who played Roz Doyle on the sitcom, confirmed that a reunion might be possible. “There is a lot of talk about it. I do think there’s something going on, but I don’t know exactly what it is or whether it will actually happen. But it’s in the works,” she said. “Do you know what I mean? That sounds like a big tease but I’m being teased too here!”

During an appearance on 'The Late Late Show' with James Corden, Grammer also hinted about it and said it could be ready in 2020. “The first principle is that it is a different story, basically. The same group of characters, but in a different setting. Something has changed in their lives.” Talking about his character, he said, “He’s past the radio show. He might be an art dealer. He might be a professor. We don’t know yet.”

‘Frasier’ (NBC)

However, the real question is: do the fans still want to see it, or have they moved on? "When I first heard the word reboot I felt dread as I pictured it being retold with different people. What a relief to hear it’s a reunion! I picked a fine time to rewatch the series after so long," one posted and another wrote, "I hope they keep it to a 'one-off' if they do end up doing anything, it'll feel too forced if they bring it back full time, like everything else that's come back and sucked."

Many viewers have some suggestions on how the revival should come about. One fan said, "Exactly, the only way that it can work without harming the integrity of the original series' legacy is by having a one hour, no commercials epilogue special. Just to tie up some loose ends about what Frasier ended up doing, how Niles and Daphne's family progressed and what became of Freddie (did he follow his grandmother, mother, father and uncle's footsteps into psychology?) as well as a final tribute to both Marty and Eddie and their passing."

Disapproving the idea of a revival, one Reddit fan said, "With continuing reports of a potential revival appearing, I can't help but think it would be a poor imitation of the original run. No revival will ever stop Frasier from being one of the best shows in history. Nor will our love for it fade away. But the revival won't add anything, either. Not even the most naive fan can realistically expect any new classic episodes to air. Frasier deserves to be left where it belongs; in our hearts. Goodnight, Seattle."

‘Frasier’ (NBC)

While the creators seem to have teased a tribute for Mahoney, fans are divided over watching the show without him. "A huge source of comedy was the interplay between Frasier and his dad. With John Mahoney departed, this has gone forever. It can't be replicated by, for instance, having Frasier not get along with Charlotte's father," one fan said and another wrote, "I like this. It'd be a great way to pay homage to a departed actor."

A few fans wondered whether it would be a hit or a flop. "I don’t know what to think of it really. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited but I don’t want it to flop either," one said and another wrote, "Even a flop means they gave it a try.. I want them to TRY!"

The classic US sitcom ran from 1993 to 2004 and won a whopping 37 Primetime Emmy Awards.

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