Frank Clark: Kansas City Chiefs' DE arrested for second time in three months

Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark was also previously arrested in March on a gun charge during a traffic stop, this is his second gun charge in three months

                            Frank Clark: Kansas City Chiefs' DE arrested for second time in three months
Frank Clark was previously arrested in March on a gun charge during a traffic stop (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark has been arrested by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department on Sunday, June 20. According to reports, he was arrested during a routine traffic stop by police but is now out on bail. 

Clark is hardly the first football player to have a brush with the law. In January 2021, we reported that former Chicago Bears player Michael Richardson was arrested for shooting a 47-year-old. Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown was arrested in February, over a parking violation that also saw him get tased. In September 2020, 3 Alabama high school players were charged for sexually abusing a junior in the locker room. 


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Clark was arrested on a felony charge and made bail hours later. This isn't his first brush with the law, he has been arrested several times before. Here's everything you need to know about those arrests.



Why was Frank Clark arrested?

According to reports, Clark was stopped by police during a routine traffic stop on Sunday, June 20, evening. They noticed an open duffel bag in his Lamborghini SUV, and on inspection found that the bag contained an illegal gun. TMZ reported that the bag contained an Uzi, an Israeli submachine gun. Under California's Assault Weapons Control Act, Uzi's are banned in the state, just like AK-47s and AR-15s. That's why Clark was arrested by the cops, and charged with felony illegal possession of a firearm.

Records show Clark was booked into jail on June 21, before making the $35,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear at the Los Angeles Municipal Court on October 18, 2021. According to TMZ, Clark claimed the weapon belongs to a member of his security team and not him. He will reportedly be represented by attorney Alex Spiro, who has represented Mick Jagger, Jay-Z, Chris Copeland, Aaron Hernandez, and Lorenzo Mauldin in the past. 

This is Clark's second arrest this off-season. On March 13, Clark and another man named Charles Smith were arrested after California Highway Patrol found loaded firearms in the car during another routine traffic stop. At the time, the two were stopped since the car they were in did not have a front license plate. That led to the officers stopping the car, and noticing the two firearms -  one handgun and one rifle  - sticking out of a bag. Clark was arrested on a similar felony charge with bail set at $35,000. 

Way back in 2014, Clark was also arrested for domestic violence. That arrest stemmed from an incident at the Maui Sands hotel in Sandusky, Ohio. He was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend at the time - Diamond Hurt, after guests at the hotel reported a disturbance from their room. Eventually, he struck a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct. At the time, Clark was playing for the University of Michigan football team, from which he was booted over the arrest. 

Both Clark and KC Chiefs are yet to comment on his latest arrest. 

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