10 SEXIEST reality stars on TV: From Francesca Farago to Antoni Porowski, all the celebs that made you sizzle

10 SEXIEST reality stars on TV: From Francesca Farago to Antoni Porowski, all the celebs that made you sizzle
Eric Hall, Christine Quinn, Francesca Farago (Getty Images)

Whether you think reality TV is cliché or too dramatic or sometimes even too cheesy and over-the-top, we all know that the fast-paced genre is here to stay. Viewers are hooked to reality shows more than ever, especially because they're so effortlessly entertaining. This is the ideal time for some of the hottest reality stars to shine. While some of these sexy reality TV personalities are packed with talent, others just have tons of sex appeal and are not shy to flaunt it.

Here are the top 10 reality TV stars who stirred things up for being too hot.

Francesca Farago

Francesca Farago (Netflix)

The 26-year-old Canadian star gained fame after Netflix’s hit reality show ‘Too Hot To Handle’. The show deals with a group of really beautiful, smoking-hot, drop-dead gorgeous and sexy people who are allowed to mingle with each other with a major catch. In the words of Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon, they are not allowed to have ‘coitus’ during the course of the show. The participants were also not allowed to kiss or show any kind of affection physically. Francesca is a luxury travel influencer from Canada and describes herself as, "free spirit and thrill-seeker". Well, rule-breaker might fit her personality just fine as this leggy Instagram model made sure to break all of Lana’s (the show’s virtual assistant) rules. Just a few moments in the show and Francesca was declared the hottest participant on the show. Making it to our list of ‘top ten sexy reality TV stars’ Francesca looks like a long lost Kardashian sister!


Antoni Porowski

Antoni Porowski (Getty Images)

Another Canadian celebrity to make it to our list is a television personality, actor, chef and model Antoni Porowski. Porowski appears in the reboot version of ‘Queer Eye’ on Netflix and might also just be the most humble sexy reality TV star we know. The quietest one among his fellow cast members, Anthony believes in solving all the problems in your life through cooking. As the chef admitted several times during the show, cooking has helped him go through a lot of struggles in life. It was refreshing for people to witness a reality TV star with smoldering good looks, completely unaware or doesn’t make a big deal about his appearance.


Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn (Getty Images)

Christine Quinn from Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’ is undoubtedly one of the hottest people on this planet. One of the tallest members of The Oppenheim Group, the real estate agency on ‘Selling Sunset’, Christina stands at 5ft 9in as she told Grazia. While our favorite 'Selling Sunset' style icon seems made for reality TV, she had over twenty different acting roles before joining the cast of gorgeous real estate agents selling opulent mansions in West Hollywood.


Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher (Getty Images)

If you haven’t binge-watched Netflix’s ‘Next In Fashion’, the rather addictive challenge-based show hosted by Alexa Chung and Tan France, then you probably have not heard the name ‘Daniel Fletcher’. He’s an extremely talented menswear designer and boy is he hot! And it’s not just because of his accent. In this rather serious designing reality competition, other participants Angel Chen and Minju Kim (who goes on to become the winner) could not help but develop a crush on him. “He is so cute,” they said, we say he is sexy. British heritage obsessed Daniel brings a lot of similar riffing on sporting uniforms like racing silks and rowing jerseys and that might.


Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari (MTV)

MTV’s hit reality show reality television series, ‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County’ and ‘The Hills’ hit star captured fans' hearts with her fierce personality and quick wit. With all her different endeavors, Cavallari has seen the success most only dream of. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she boasts a net worth of $30 million as of July 2020. She was also one of the hottest girl-next-door to appear on TV, with her petite frame she has a Jennifer Lopez like charm about her.


Artem Chigvintsev

Artem Chigvintsev  (Getty Images)

Dancer and choreographer Artem Chigvintsev gained popularity after appearing as a choreographer for the popular television dance reality show, ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Born in the Soviet Union, Artem moved to the United States in 2003 and began dancing with champion ballroom dancer Giselle Peacock. The 38-year-old dancer is in a relationship with retired WWE wrestler Nikki Bella.


Matt James

Matt James (Getty Images)

The Bachelor from the future! In an unexpected announcement, ABC announced that it had its Bachelor lead for 2021. Matt James, who will star in the show's 25th season is going to be the first ‘Black Bachelor’. James was cast as a suitor for Clare Crawley's Bachelorette season, production of which has been delayed in light of the coronavirus pandemic, and ABC claims that they instantly knew James to be the perfect fit for their leading man. He also just happens to be exceptionally hot!


Eric Hall

Eric Hall (CBS)

Eric Hall was an islander from season 1 of CBS’s Love Island the USA. When he appeared on the show, the tattoo-shop manager had all of the right moves and was sick of being single. Eric entered the villa on Day 12 and was eliminated from the island on Day 20. Eric isn't afraid of getting what he wants. 


Jalen Noble

Jalen Noble (CBS)


Hailing from Columbia, Jalen Noble appeared in the second season of ‘Love Island’ and is one of the hottest contestants on the show. Jalen used to be a professional football player, he also worked as a software salesman. When it comes to the type of girl that Jalen Noble is looking for, he has stated that confidence is the first thing that he usually notices. His dream girl would be one with a sense of humor, a "loving soul," has an active lifestyle. Jalen would also like to be with someone that he can be weird with and that could ultimately become his best friend, too.


Nikki Hall

Nikki Hall (MTV)

MTV’s  'A Double Shot at Love' star is a Jamaican beauty and definitely one of the hottest to appear on the reality show. During the first season of the show, Hall had her heart broken when her love interest Pauly DelVecchio picked another girl over her.


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