Fox's 'The Orville' set to return for season 2 on December 30 with some interesting guest stars

Season two of 'The Orville' will bring along many 'Star Trek actors' and fan favorites to guest star in the show

                            Fox's 'The Orville' set to return for season 2 on December 30 with some interesting guest stars

Fox's 'The Orville' season one received much appreciation and was awarded the Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Television Series this year. In the backdrop of the huge success of season one, Fox has released a teaser for season two of 'The Orville' and it does look super interesting. 

Here is what we know about season 2 of 'The Orville':


The show's season two will debut on December 30 following a Sunday Night football double-header. After which, the show will resume its Thursday slot following the end of the NFL season, reported ComicBook. This season will bring along many 'Star Trek' actors like Marina Sirtis, Robert Picardo, and Tim Russ to guest star in the show. Along with them, a veteran 'Star Trek' writer will also join 'The Orville' board as an additional executive producer. 


From season one, Jessica Szohr who acts as Talla will now be a series regular and Chris Johnson who had previously appeared in the role of Cassius will also be in a recurring role in the upcoming season. 

Jonathan Frakes, the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' star and director will also join the board, and will direct one episode of 'The Orville'. ComicBook reported Frakes speaking at a convention about the series and comparing it to CBS All Access' 'Star Trek: Discovery', where he said, "The 'Star Trek' that we have has really found its voice, and Discovery has really found its voice."

He added, "And 'The Orville' has filled in a void. For a lot of people, 'The Orville' is their new 'Star Trek' because it does tell stories like [The Next Generation], and it’s got wild humor in it." 

"[Seth MacFarlane] clearly wanted [The Orville] to look like [The Next Generation]," Frakes added. "So, he hired the cinematographer [Marvin Rush] and the camera operator, and Brannon Braga, who wrote 'First Contact' among other things that are fabulous. Robbie Duncan McNeill, one of our wonderful directors from Voyager, James Conway, who directed a bunch of great Next Gen episodes; he hired me. He filled the room with Next Gen people so that the show would look and feel like it. I think he did it."

'The Orville' season one, created by Seth MacFarlane, was Fox's biggest premiere since 'Empire', which prompted its renewal for a second season. The second season of the show comprises 14 episodes.

President of Fox Broadcasting Company, Michael Thorn in a statement, expressed his joy with Seth's work and said, "He has delivered a series full of optimism, drama and his trademark humor. We want to thank him and the rest of the talented cast, as well as the producers and crew, for an incredible first season. We can’t wait to see where 'The Orville' travels in the second."

 'The Orville' season two will premiere on Fox on December 30 this year.