What is Spanish Armada? Fox News host compares Trump boat parade to the military blunder, sparks outrage

Fox News host Pete Hegseth compared the big boat parade to the Spanish Armada, which incidentally, was crushed in 1588 by English men

                            What is Spanish Armada? Fox News host compares Trump boat parade to the military blunder, sparks outrage
Spanish Armada and Donald Trump (Getty Images)

A fleet of boats, kayaks and jet skis filled the waterways of Clearwater, Florida, in an effort to rally for President Donald Trump and break a Guinness World Record on August 15. While covering the story, Fox News host Pete Hegseth compared the big boats parade to the Spanish Armada, which incidentally, was crushed in 1588 by English men. The anchor said, "The Spanish Armada’s got nothing on Trump supporters down there."

Soon, an internet user shared the clip from the news channel and said, "So a Fox host compared a Trump boat parade to the Spanish armada." Soon people started reacting to it as one internet user ridiculed Trump and said, "THIS Spanish Armada? Yeah, OK. A trump boat parade is just like a naval fleet famous for being outmaneuvered and defeated. Sounds about right." 

Another user compared it with another world record and said, "Pretty sure that record was set June 6, 1944... and won't be beaten by this." 




While another user mocked the comparison and the president's supporters by saying, "The Spanish Armada was an enormous 130-ship naval fleet dispatched by Spain in 1588 as part of a planned invasion of England. It was outfoxed by the English, then battered by storms while limping back to Spain with at least a third of its ships sunk or damaged," along with laughing emoticons.


While some users found the comparison completely absurd and they slammed the Fox anchor for making such a statement, as one user said, "Nobody knows anything about anything because they get college diplomas without being able to read." 


Another said, "It is not only lack of education, it is a complete lack of curiosity about the world at large and its' history. They only care about their money." One even said, "They literally just hear words, don’t know what they mean, and simply regurgitate them. Next up for the Trump comms team: 'Trump did so well in that interview; it was like the Spanish Inquisition!'"



While some questioned, "They do know what happened to the Spanish Armada don't they?" Some speculated Trump's defeat in the US Elections 2020, as one said, "The Spanish Armada was crushed by the English in 1588. So, guess they are hoping Trump will be crushed by Biden in November," and "GREAT!!! I am so glad that @FoxNews is willing to inform @realDonaldTrump voters that they are up for a huge loss the scale of the loss of the Spanish Armada! The Spanish lost horribly! Queen Elizabeth I, sent them limping home, tail between their legs!"




What is Spanish Armada?

The Spanish Armada, according to History.com, was a naval force of about 130 ships, manned by 8,000 seamen along with 18,000 soldiers and thousands of guns, that set out to invade England. It was assembled by King Philip II of Spain. The force returned to Spain in the fall of 1588, having lost around 60 ships and the estimated casualties were around 15,000. 

The hatred started when Elizabeth I executed the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots in 1587, King Philip was angered and wanting England for himself, he decided to invade it. The basic plan was that an armada of 130 ships would sail to the Netherlands, pick up 30,000 Spanish troops and invade England. However, it was first delayed as the English attacked Cadiz harbor in 1587. In 1588, Armada finally set sail and the English used fireships to scatter the Spanish fleet. The Armada was forced to abandon the invasion not just because of the English attack but also because the winds were not in their favor, they were destroyed by storms, which Philip I referred to as the 'Protestant wind', whilst trying to sail home round the north of Scotland. 

To publicize her famous victory, Queen Elizabeth got a portrait of herself painted. The incident is still remembered as "one of history’s great military blunders".

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