Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren dresses as Ocasio-Cortez on Halloween, says 'Democratic Dimwit Darling scares me most'

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren dresses as Ocasio-Cortez on Halloween, says 'Democratic Dimwit Darling scares me most'
Tomi Lahren (Getty Images)

Conservative commentator and Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren dressed up as Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Halloween on October 31, stating that the Democratic lawmaker is "the thing that scares her most." Lahren donned a brown wig, large dark-rimmed glasses, and held a purple binder with the words "Green New Deal" written on the front. She also had a copy of 'The Communist Manifesto' in her hand.

Lahren posted a picture of her get-up on Instagram, and wrote a caption along with it, referring to the freshman New York representative as the "Democratic Dimwit Darling."

"This Halloween I decided to dress up as the thing that scares me most," Lauren wrote in her post. "I’m not afraid of ghouls, ghosts, zombies or political incorrectness. I am far more terrified AOC was actually elected to the United States Congress. Talk about a haunted House…" Lahren, who is an infamous critic of AOC, concluded the post with the hashtags #SocialismKills and #TeamTomi. 

She also took to Twitter to share her picture and wrote: "I decided to dress up as the person who scares me most. The Democratic Dimwit Darling, socialist-loving, freedom-hating, former bartender herself @AOC." The Congresswoman has not yet responded to Lahren's post and jibes.

Her remarks, however, did not go down well with several AOC supporters and Twitter users. Actress Alyssa Milano was one among several who took Lahren to task about her remark on AOC's previous work as a bartender.

"Also, aren't you part of the party who claims to be for working Americans? Why say 'bartender,' like it's a bad thing?" Milano tweeted. Comedian Marie Connor wrote: "Why do you guys always make fun of the fact that she was a bartender?"

While journalist Molly Knight added: "What exactly is wrong with being a bartender? It's an honest day's work, and a much more difficult job than you've ever had."

"I figured your costume was just 'Tomi Lahren with dark hair and glasses holding two things that it would benefit her to actually read", Comedian Ron Placone said taking a dig at the conservative. 


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