'Labor of Love': Kristy Katzmann to test fatherhood skills, fans question the morality of the Fox show

'Labor of Love': Kristy Katzmann to test fatherhood skills, fans question the morality of the Fox show
Kristy Katzmann (Fox)

Finding love with a caring, understanding partner is tough as it is, and when you add a baby to the mix, it gets whole lot challenging. Fox-backed 'Labor of Love,' scheduled to air on May 21, is all of the above. It's a heady mix of every complex facet of life - relationship, marriage and parenthood. 

Starring Kristy Katzmann, 'The Bachelor' alum, the dating show focuses on her journey to motherhood and maybe marriage? She is on the lookout for an eligible man with whom she can settle down with, have a family. But it's not going to be that easy. 


The premise of the show requires Kristy to task hopeful fathers with challenges that would test not only their parenting skills but also if they are date-able or even husband material. 



What else can we expect from the show?

Since Kristy will be assessing these men, it wouldn't be far-fetched assume that they'll be moments of intimacy, romantic dates and more. But that's all for her.

What is she going to do to understand if the men she is going out with can father a child? Diaper change exercise and labor pain simulators sound like good ideas for now. It's nothing short of an adventure competition series.

Adding charm and elegance to the scene will be 'Sex and The City' fame Kristin Davis aka the petite Charlotte York. She will be on hosting duty but also serve as a BFF to Kristy, guiding, and helping her as she prepares to take the next big leap in her life.

But fans seem to have announced their verdict. "This show screams desperate if it that serious for her to have kids could just have them with a random without the cameras but I guess fox smh," a viewer commented while another shared: "Been seeing ads for weeks so I came to say this show looks morally questionable and stupid."


"I wouldn't want to have kids with a girl who kissed that many guys in that short of a time... the only thing happening here is a train," another expressed. 

Catch all the new episodes of 'Labor of Love' on Fox, every Thursday.

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