'MasterChef USA' season 10 episode 17: Sarah's dish comes out looking like a 'human corpse' leaving her fans disappointed

Though her deconstructed cobbler with moon pie tasted great, her purpose was defeated as it was all about plating technique on the episode

                            'MasterChef USA' season 10 episode 17: Sarah's dish comes out looking like a 'human corpse' leaving her fans disappointed

On episode 17 of MasterChef USA Season 10, the contestants were challenged to prove their plating skills. The guest judge Grant Achatz showed off his culinary skills to the contestants, and the immunity challenge was tough, as going forward in the competition the contestants are feeling the pressure of mastering the art and technique of being culinary chefs. 

The immunity challenge gives the chefs a challenge that they need to live up to for them to gain immunity that will save them during the course of the competition.

The contestants had to come up with a restaurant-style dish and plate it like never seen before.

During the episode, Sarah had a bad day. In the MasterChef kitchen time and precision is very important. The contestants have to live up to the mark and even a small error can send them packing back home. The main theme for the episode was plating and the contestants had to do their best within the 60 minutes of time they had. 

A general view of atmosphere at FOX's "Masterchef" as it celebrates 100 Episodes at Walt Disney Studio Lot on February 5, 2015, in Burbank, California.

Unfortunately, Sarah's dish was terrible. Her dish looked like a decomposed human corpse. Her idea of presenting a deconstructed cobbler with moon pie failed miserably. The presentation though unappealing tasted great. There were many fans who shared their opinion on Sarah's dish. "Sarah should have been cut a long time ago. Her dessert looks like it’s on a dustpan, not a plate #masterchef," one tweeted.


Her dish was disgusting to look at despite the challenge being all about the plating. She just couldn't do her best. Many fans of this culinary show also felt sympathy towards her by tweeting, "Joe is such an ass don't you think Sarah is feeling bad enough #MasterChef"

Another day in the Masterchef kitchen came to an end with Sarah being dissapointed and Nick winning the immunity challenge as fans tweeted, "Nick’s dessert looked phenomenal. #MasterChef."

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