Mystery surrounds death of 4-yr-old who died after falling from third floor of Laketown Wharf Resort

Mystery surrounds death of 4-yr-old who died after falling from third floor of Laketown Wharf Resort
The unnamed child was on holiday with family before falling from third floor (

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA: A vacation for a Warner Robins, Georgia, family ended in tragedy after their four-year-old child shockingly fell from the balcony of a Florida resort. The unfortunate incident reportedly happened on Saturday, September 3, and the body of the toddler was discovered by a gym goer on the ground.

The same person called the Panama City Police Department about the tragedy at Laketown Wharf Resort in Florida. Cops reportedly said that they believe the child, whose name and gender has not been revealed yet, plunged to their death from the third-floor balcony at 4.30 am. However, what caused the little one’s fall is unclear.


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The Panama City Beach Police Police Department, as reported by The Sun, said, “This is a terrible tragedy and our thoughts are with this family.” The description for the resort reads, "The largest single-building condominium vacation resort in the Panama City area. Guests enjoy a choice of stunning Gulf, golf course and lake views,” on its website, which also calls it a "prime location for a fun-filled getaway.”

The site of the resort, by Emerald View Resorts, continues, "At night, Laketown Wharf comes alive as we celebrate another beautiful day on Panama City Beach with an exciting lighted fountain show. This daily event is choreographed with dancing water, lights, and music and can be viewed right outside your door," before adding, "Laketown Wharf provides amenities for the whole family to enjoy including a fitness center, five swimming pools, a large freshwater lake, 52,000 sq ft of lakefront boardwalk, and easy access to our beautiful beaches."

This comes months after a three-year-old boy named Jayce Garcia, died after falling from the 29th-floor balcony of a New York City apartment building on July 2. Garcia’s body was reportedly found hours later by police after receiving a 911 call. However, at the time it was not clear how the child plummeted to his death.

Tangerine Castro, who lives on the 23rd floor of the high-rise at the Taino Towers residential complex on Third Avenue between East 122nd and 123rd Streets, had told The New York Post, “It sounded like something really heavy. It sounded like construction. We just started looking and everybody started coming out of their building. Everybody that was upstairs that could see down, saw the little boy with the yellow shirt. He was flat on the scaffolding,” before noting, “We don’t have no AC right now. Everybody hangs out on the balcony right now but I can’t say if it’s one thing or another.”

Another neighbor, 25-year-old Alexander Townsend, said, “She [the boy’s mother] was sitting on the ground in her socks. She was screaming, ‘My baby, my baby, he is up there.’” Nidia Cordero, 58, added, “When you look out the terrace you see the baby’s body. He was in his diapers and T-shirt. Then you hear screams. I think the mom was screaming and I looked and the baby was in the scaffolding,” as she went on to describe the child as “a beautiful little boy.”

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