'Four to Dinner' Review: Confusing watch that explores meaning of a soulmate

Daario and Matteo are each introduced to Chiara and Giulia at a common friends' dinner with dual possibilities of love occurring

                            'Four to Dinner' Review: Confusing watch that explores meaning of a soulmate
Giuseppe Maggio as Daario and Matilde Gioli as Giulia in 'Four to Dinner' (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'Four to Dinner'

Netflix just released a brand new romantic comedy that promises to have you guessing who loves who as you watch different love stories unfold. 'Four to Dinner' or 'Quatro Meta' is the streaming site's newest Italian acquisition and follows various possibilities of love.

The Netflix movie sees a dinner being held which is attended by four single people. There is no one definition of love and to each different aspects matter in their partners. What follows is the exploration of which of these people will couple up and why. Read on to know our thought on this quirky tale of love stories and if you like romcoms then check out 'Love Hard' and 'Isi & Ossi' as well!


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The movie begins as we see a rock solid married couple Luca (Flavio Furno) and Sara (Marta Gastini) have over another one of their couple friends for dinner where the argument of whether soulmates exist or not happens. Both of the men are of different opinions which is when Sara and Luca decide to tell them a story that may change their minds on the concept of a perfect other half existing. This is where the couple dives into the story of how when they were newlyweds they invited 4 single friends over for lunch to set them up. What begins is a tale of different possibilities.

Ilenia Pastorelli as Chiara, Matteo Martari as Matteo in 'Four to Dinner' (Netflix)


'Four to Dinner' takes us through a journey where Daario (Giuseppe Maggio) and Matteo (Matteo Martari) each couple up with Chiara (Ilenia Pastorelli) and Guilia (Matilde Gioli) in intertwined yet separate realities. But what sets off as an interesting premise that has us guessing which reality is in fact true, becomes highly confusing. We acknowledge that the movie had great transitions into each possibility but these switch-ups many of the times leave you wondering as to which couple is together at the moment and what story is playing out. Even though it may make you scratch your head multiple times, the movie also ticks off many boxes with a realistic perspective of what life throws at us and how it may alter decisions. Each of the cast has done a pretty nice job and has good chemistry with different partners, which was a bonus that made us enjoy each combination. The main question that kept us watching was who ends up with who in actuality, as Sara and Luca keep it a secret until the last moment.

Giuseppe Maggio as Daario in 'Four to Dinner' (Netflix)

But right when we're ready to find out the answer the movie ends and never reveals who married who, which was a tad disappointing. It was clearly the makers' intention to give the message that there is no one perfect person meant for you and that only choices and circumstances will determine if your partner is your person. 'Four to Dinner' isn't bad but isn't great as well. A confusing watch most of the time, it breaks down the idea of a soulmate with a touch of reality.

'Four to Dinner' is now streaming on Netflix.

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