Puta! Puta! Potty-mouthed toddler's rant at priest during baptism goes viral

In the video, the girl can be heard shouting 'No!' as the amused priest puts water on her head while her parents and relatives look mortified at her language

                            Puta! Puta! Potty-mouthed toddler's rant at priest during baptism goes viral
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Children will be children and they have a habit of doing and saying the strangest things at the best (or worst, if you're the parent) moments. They don't really have a concept of societal norms or how a person is supposed to talk or behave in public. This means that they will speak whatever is on their mind, and sometimes the gems that escape their mouths can only be taken with a grain of salt.

One of these special children who just doesn't seem to care what she says is Magdalena. The child definitely seems very outspoken already and a video of her being baptized shows exactly what she thought of the priest.

In the video, she can be heard shouting "No!" as the amused priest puts water on her head. The darling girl can also be heard repeatedly calling him "puta" during the ceremony which loosely translates to "b***h". Obviously, her parents and other relatives at the ceremony looked shocked, embarrassed, and amused at the same time when this happens.

The girl can also be heard screaming "Dejenme!" (let me go) as her mortified parents try to keep her quiet by covering her mouth but she seems intent on letting everyone, especially the priest, know how displeased she really is.

Many people on social media came to the child's support and one said: "They should be GLAD she's fighting back against a priest with hands on her... doing things she doesn't want or like!!! GO KIDS" 

This lighthearted, albeit embarrassing moment, came in the wake of sexual abuse scandals rocking the Catholic Church in recent times. The sheer scope of systemic abuse and cover-ups is only now becoming apparent with reports still revealing thousands of cases across the globe. A damning grand jury report will do little to quell the growing unease. The report states that the internal documents from six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania show that more than 300 'predator priests' sexually abused over 1,000 child victims since 1947.

As quoted by CNN, a paragraph from the lengthy report reads: "Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing; they hid it all. For decades, monsignors, auxiliary bishops, bishops, archbishops, cardinals have mostly been protected; many, including some named in this report, have been promoted. Until that changes, we think it is too early to close the book on the Catholic Church sex scandal."

While most of the previous scandals have resulted in apologies from some of the Church's most powerful figures, including the Pope himself — In 2001, John Paul II called sexual abuse within the Church "a profound contradiction of the teaching and witness of Jesus Christ" — the fallout from the recent grand jury report remains to be seen.