'Formula 1: Drive to Survive' Season 2: With Alex Albon, Red Bull aims to break Mercedes' winning streak in 2020

'Formula 1: Drive to Survive' Season 2: With Alex Albon, Red Bull aims to break Mercedes' winning streak in 2020
Alex Albon (Getty Images)

Spoiler alert for 'Formula 1: Drive to Survive' Season 2: 'Raging Bull'

Pierre Gasly's loss was Alexander Albon's gain. The Thai-British driver was pulled off from Toro Rosso and promoted to Red Bull Racing after Gasly's horrendous run. 'Raging Bulls' gives a look at Albon's life off the track and the methodical and monk-like preparation he goes through ahead of the races.

This was a man who carved a name for himself with a staggering 2018 F2 season and a Toro Ross call-up followed after finishing third that season. In Albon, Red Bull's motorsport advisor Helmut Marko saw young talent who impressed him with his speed and fearless driving. 

"We need a driver who can deliver and not make mistakes," Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing's team principal, told Netflix. In Albon, they found a driver with a steady head, self-assuring and at the same time ready to push for the win, no matter how high the stakes were. Albon was roped in for the remaining nine races for Red Bull to get in as many points as he could and be the perfect partner for Max Verstappen, who was now their number one driver.


Max Verstappen and Alex Albon (Getty Images)

While there isn't a lot that could be packed in a 30-minute episode, Netflix did manage to show the side of Albon that knew what was needed. He wasn't in there as a hero, he needed to be one. He needed to soak up that pressure and deliver. That he was seat-less a year back and he managed to seize opportunities that came his way showed this driver was championship material.

With the Belgium Grand Prix being his first run with Red Bull Racing, the 23-year-old's preparation is highlighted. Albon shuts down from all chatter ahead of the race, meditates and explains how it gives him a chance to visualize the race. Despite being impressive in the qualifiers, Red Bull takes an engine penalty starting last on the grid. Verstappen crashed out of the Grand Prix and in the meantime, Gasly is shown to be zooming past the drivers.


Albon, struggling at P14 clawed his way up to P5, his career-best finish. Now, the driver will pair Max Verstappen in the 2020 season. In many ways, Red Bull benefits with Max and Albon in the paddock. Both drivers, eerily fast and immensely talented, are stark contrasts in terms of personas but are equally competitive on the track. It wouldn't come in a surprise if Red Bull might just dominate the new season. 

For now, it's safe to say Red Bull Racing might have just found their winning combo.


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