Trump's former chief of staff Miles Taylor endorses Biden, why is the Internet still slamming him?

The former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security called Trump's presidency 'terrifying' and that the POTUS was 'actively doing damage to our security'

                            Trump's former chief of staff Miles Taylor endorses Biden, why is the Internet still slamming him?
Donald Trump and Miles Taylor (Getty Images, Twitter)

Biting news dropped for the Trump administration on August 17 with former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security calling Trump's presidency "terrifying" and saying that the POTUS was "actively doing damage to our security". Miles Taylor has become the most senior former member of the Trump regime to endorse Joe Biden for the presidential seat in the upcoming elections.

He recorded an ad for a political group opposing Trump claiming that the president wanted to use the agency "for his own political purposes and to fuel his own agenda". 
"Terrified of a second Trump term. But not enough to hide in a bunker," wrote Taylor while sharing the video. 


Taylor, who left the DHS in 2019, raised some concerns in the video posted by a handle named Republican Voters against Trump. He said in the video, "What we saw week in and week out and for me after two and a half years in that administration was terrifying." He mentioned further that the president was not interested in discussing key security issues. "We would go in to try to talk to them about pressing national security, cyber attack, terrorism threat. He wasn't interested in those things to him. They weren't priorities."
Taylor alleged that he overheard Trump tell the federal Emergency Management Agency to cut off funding to aid California when it was being ravaged by wildfires. 
"He told us to stop giving money to people whose houses had burned down from a wildfire because he was so rageful that people in the state of California didn't support him and that politically it wasn't a base," he said.

Taylor also criticized Trump's policies with regard to border issues saying that the president "has a deliberate policy of ripping children away from their parents to show those parents that they shouldn't come to the border in the first place." He continued, "A lot of the time, the things he wanted to do not only were impossible but in many cases illegal. He didn't want us to tell them it was illegal anymore because he knew that there were, and these were his words, he knew that he had magical authorities."

Taylor called Trump "unfocused" and "undisciplined". "I came away completely convinced, based on firsthand experience, that the president was ill-equipped and wouldn't become equipped to do his job effectively. And what's worse was actively doing damage to our security," he said. He mentioned that despite political differences with Democrats, he will support Joe Biden as he is confident that Biden will "protect the country" and "won't make the same mistakes".
Further, Taylor wrote a piece for The Washington Post on August 17 declaring his opposition to Trump’s reelection and heralding support to Biden. However, the Internet does not seem to be too happy with him.

Taylor was slammed for some key issues like his reported support to impose a travel ban on Muslim nations as part of Trump's controversial immigration policy of 2017. It is still not clear whether he supported the ban or not. Later in 2019, when Google hired him as a government affairs and public policy manager advising on national security issues, Congressional leaders wrote to Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressing "concern" over his hiring. 

They wrote in a letter, "We are deeply troubled with Google's decision to hire someone from the Trump Administration that has defended the very same cruel DHS policies Google senior leadership has previously denounced." In 2019, Buzzfeed reported that they are not saying that Taylor helped in drafting the travel ban which barred Muslim visitors from six majority Muslim countries in early 2017. Instead, it noted Taylor's "public defense of a subsequent iteration of the policy as a DHS official later that year."

Since his bashing of Trump, the Internet is now digging up his old stands and slamming him for his alleged subservience to the policy back in 2017. Many feel that Taylor was involved in the run-up to wide-scale separations of families at the borders. Some enraged users even said that maybe he is bad to talk ill about Trump after he got fired. Some even asked him if Trump's regime was so terrifying then why did he stick around for two years. 

Jacob Soboroff of NBC News writes, "If you watch/read this, understand: Taylor's suggestion on family separations are on Sessions alone is absurd. DHS, for which Taylor worked, was involved intimately in the run-up to wide-scale separations and aware of them before zero tolerance. Shocked if Biden wants his endorsement."


"Miles Taylor was an active participant in family separations," wrote a user. 


"Taylor — who last month joined GOOGLE as government affairs and public policy manager," a user wrote sharing the controversial news of him working with Google. 


"It's normal that all the ex-employees after got fired by Trump, they immediately got paid to say BAD to him!," wrote an enraged user. 


"If it was so terrifying why did he stick around for 2 years? That’s longer than 80% of the people who ever worked in the CREEPY Department of Homeland Security!" asked another user.


Till now, it is vague and cannot be authenticated if Taylor was in support of Trump's immigration policies or the internet is judging him too soon over his latest video.

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