Stalker teacher shoots her ex-boyfriend five times before killing herself in frenzied attack

Hours before the incident, Dr. Gaston 'Gus' Perez was granted a restraining order against Jennifer Rudemyer

                            Stalker teacher shoots her ex-boyfriend five times before killing herself in frenzied attack

A South Carolina middle school teacher shot her ex-boyfriend before eventually committing suicide by turning the same gun on herself in what the police is calling an attempted murder-suicide, reports the Daily Mail.

39-year-old Jennifer Rudemyer was found dead outside her ex's Spanish Wells Plantation home around 6.15pm on Tuesday, revealed the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office said. As per reports, she died of a single gunshot wound that was largely self-inflicted.

And right near her body, police officials found her wounded ex, Dr. Gaston 'Gus' Perez, who was clearly suffering from four to five gunshots to the upper body. The 60-year-old man was immediately rushed to the Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah upon discovery, where he is currently said to be in a stable condition.


Perez's son Alex, who spoke to the Island Packet on Thursday, said that his father was shot in the chest, near his face, and in his hands, while he was trying to block the bullets coming his way. Even the surgeon, who treated Perez, said the man was extremely lucky to be alive.

"I just feel so, so, so lucky he survived," Alex said. "I know a lot of families don't get breaks like this when tragedy falls." Perez's daughter Mel, on the other hand, wrote on Facebook that her father was resting in the ICU.  "Dad is in the ICU and resting, won't be able to see him for another few hours but so happy to know he pulled through. He's the strongest man I know. Thanks for all the sweet messages and support and will try and keep you all updated," she wrote.

The police authorities said that based on all the witness accounts, the crime scene and information that they received, it looked like Rudemyer had fired shots at Perez in a bid to kill him. Then, she turned the same gun onto herself and took her own life.


According to a police report, Perez and  Rudemyer had dated each other roughly for eight years in an on-and-off relationship, and that they had recently broken up. It was also found that hours before the shooting incident, Perez had been granted a restraining order against Rudemyer, who he claimed would follow him, show up to his job and threaten him. 

A friend of Rudemyer, Lauren Church, told the publication that Rudemyer had allegedly admitted that she wanted to kill her ex-boyfriend a week before the actual shooting took place. She told the news outlet that Rudemyer had contacted her on August 28 and told her that she was looking to buy a gun. She then allegedly told her friend that she was going to kill Perez and then kill herself.

"I didn't really know what to say," Church said. "I encouraged her many, many, many times to seek help." She also said that she had sent an anonymous tip to the police authorities about her friend, and had even alerted Perez about his ex-girlfriend's threats.



Another friend of the former teacher, who did not wish to be identified, claimed that they received a similar disturbing phone call from Rudemyer on August 28. The friend then contacted the authorities, who went to Rudemyer's house for a health and wellness check and found her intoxicated in bed.

"Rudemyer said she was fine and that everything was okay," stated the police report. "After talking to her for several minutes Rudemyer did admit that she was having a rough time, and she agreed that she wanted to be voluntarily transported to the hospital." She was taken to Hilton Head Medical Center, but there were no further details provided by the cops.

Capt. Joe Babkiewicz confirmed to the publication that they had indeed received tips about Rudemyer but failed to specify what actions had been taken for the same. He said to the outlet that the tips are "still being pursued at this point."