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Mia Khalifa targets her sex abusers in TikTok video, Internet says ‘not all men are bad, your taste in men is’

In a recent TikTok video Mia shared on her Twitter, she recounts the sexual abuse she faced at different stages in life at the hands of different men
UPDATED JUL 25, 2020
Mia Khalifa in 'Ramy' (IMDb)
Mia Khalifa in 'Ramy' (IMDb)

Mia Khalifa was once upon a time among the top-searched names on Pornhub. But after she quit the industry in 2015, she went on to build a career in sports journalism and acting (an appearance in Season 2 of the award-winning show 'Ramy'). She even worked in Miami as a bookkeeper and a paralegal, eventually transitioning to a social media personality and running a YouTube channel and live streams on Twitch. 

But none of that seems to take the attention away from the three months of her working as an adult-film star. At 22, Khalifa became the most-searched performer on the adult video sharing website Pornhub.

In a recent TikTok video Mia shared on her Twitter, she recounts the sexual abuse she faced at different stages in life at the hands of different men. The video is fashioned in the TikTok way titled 'pose like them men that have mentally abused and sexually manipulated you". The video shares about her ex-husband, her high school boyfriend who "groomed me at 16 to fulfil his twisted fantasies", about another one of her ex-boyfriends who is also a former BangBros executive who "kept me locked in a toxic s**ual cycle for years", and a current BangBros executive who "has defied my consent numbers" and who also happens to be best friends with her ex-boyfriend. 

Khalifa has given several interviews since quitting the industry recounting the horrors she had to go through since venturing out, even not finding a job due to the stigma attached to her former work. Earlier in June, she also recalled how Bang Bros executive Jordan Sibbs had her wrongly participate in a photoshoot. 

Women in the comment section immediately jumped to offer her support. "Ignore all the dumbass men in these comments. You are strong and I’m 100% on your side," tweeted one. "The men in the comments.. jeez Stay strong, Mia. We need to talk about toxic relationships, so more women can see the signs and speak up," another agreed. "So many blokes who spend their day wanking into the same unwashed sock are so angry on this thread over a woman speaking out against being manipulated and groomed. Clearly hate all women because several have rejected them in the past," another pointed out.

But not the men. Somehow the men in her comment section felt entitled to be really angry at her, although it has been reported time and again that her consent was defied several times. "This pisses me off, she literally made a ton of money (regardless of what she claims) and plays the victim and she literally knew what she was doing the moment she signed her porn contract. The worst part is she wants her videos/photos removed but still goes by her porn name/likeness," tweeted one upset man.

This is actually false. While BangBros claimed that she made thousands of dollars starring in their videos, Mia actually only made $12,000 working in porn by making an estimated $1,000 per scene, according to an interview she gave. At the same time, she never even received residuals from Bangbros who own and sell her content or from Pornhub and other free sites where Bangbros uploaded the videos. 

Several men started the same old blame-game on Twitter and shamed the victim instead of the abuser. The blaming goes to such an extent that the fault is no one else's but Mia's apparent flawed taste in men. One tweet reads: "They got away with what you let them. Did they hold a gun to your head?" Another says, "Time to find a NICE guy for once instead of getting screwed over (no pun intended) by these jerks?" And one said, "Not all men are bad, your taste in men is. Same thing both ways."

But women had her back. It all boils down to toxic relationships and unfortunately, it is a story women know all too well. "That’s literally so f**ked up, Mia. Keep sharing your story. People don’t understand the toxic power relationships that can form especially for young women. We are taught to accept this as the norm."