Malaysian King who abdicated after marriage to Russian beauty queen divorces her after a year

Malaysian King who abdicated after marriage to Russian beauty queen divorces her after a year

Former Malaysian king Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan, who abdicated after marrying a former Miss Moscow, has divorced his wife a few weeks after the couple welcomed a baby boy. 50-year-old Sultan Muhammad's marriage to wife Oksana Voevodina, 27, lasted just a year, and the very abrupt end to their whirlwind romance has rocked Malaysia, just like their marriage did.


As reported by New Straits Times, their divorce was registered on July 1 and sources shared that a copy of their divorce certificate is being disseminated on social media. The certificate has the Kelantan state crest and has been marked as the copy of Oksana. This indicates that the divorce was done as the word "talak" was said three times which is the most severe and irreversible form of divorce in Islam. The date of the divorce had been given as June 22 and reportedly took place in Singapore.


Rihana Oksana and former Malaysian king Sultan Muhammed V are getting divorced after being married for a year (Instagram)


It was also reported that when Kelantan’s deputy chief minister was asked about the split, he denied having any knowledge of it. Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah shared with reporters on Wednesday, "(Just) like when members of the Press asked us (the state government) on the Sultan’s marriage, we cannot comment (on the divorce news) because we have no official information about that."

The reports of the split come just two months after the couple's son was born. 

The news of the divorce follows the former Miss Moscow saying how happy she was with her fairy tale like marriage. Oksana had started an Instagram account last month and had garnered around 360,000 followers. Her posts included pictures of her with Sultan Muhammed V and also captions about how the couple had met. She also spoke about motherhood and married life. A post, dated July 10 revealed that she had got married last June and in May, gave birth to her son Ismail Leon. 


Sultan Muhammed V has kept a low profile ever since stepping down as Malaysia's king on Jan 6 - being the first monarch to ever abdicate the throne in the country. He did not state any reasons for abdication though many believe it was because of his marriage to Oksana. Oksana has raised many eyebrows in Malaysia after pictures of her scantily dressed surfaced online. 

The news of the couple's divorce comes just two months after the birth of their first son (Instagram)


As reported by DailyMail, Russian actress Yana Samsuddin asked Oksana online, "Hiye, queen, we heard rumors u guys separated….Is this true?" The former beauty queen did not respond but another commenter who claimed to be a royal insider did. The insider said that the King had dumped Oksana after videos and details of their relationship began to circulate on Russian media.


Oksana has been described as a 'leech' who wanted to wear a glass slipper which did not fit her. 

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 Former Malaysian King Sultan Muhammad V divorces Russian beauty queen Rihana Oksana Voevodina 1 year