Harley Quinn to play James Bond? 007 George Lazenby tips Margot Robbie for superspy

Margot Robbie's vivid and vibrant roles along with her stellar acting prowess make her a sure contender to play James Bond, or should we say, Jane Bond?

                            Harley Quinn to play James Bond? 007 George Lazenby tips Margot Robbie for superspy
Margot Robbie (Getty Images)

After it was revealed that 'Captain Marvel' star Lashana Lynch would be playing a female 007 in Daniel Craig's 'No Time to Die', there were enough opinion pieces that followed. For James Bond aficionados, this piece of news was received with surprise and criticism considering the long-running history of the franchise and how the super-spy was always a male character. 

Then came a soothing balm to fans who didn't want a female Bond, producer Barbara Broccoli confirmed that the character can be of any color, but will most definitely be male. In an interview with Variety, Broccoli said, "James Bond can be of any color, but he is male. I believe we should be creating new characters for women - strong female characters."

"I'm not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it. I think women are far more interesting than that," she added. The upcoming Bond film sees Lashana Lynch play a female double-O after Craig leaves active service. Her portrayal of the character sparked theories that there could a female Bond in future films, except, Broccoli quashed all speculations.  

However, in a recent bit of news, former Bond actor, George Lazenby, who stepped into the shoes of the character in the 1969 movie, 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service', thought it was a good idea to have a female actor playing James Bond. In an interview with Sun, the 80-year-old said, "I would rather see a woman on screen than a man, so it might be a good idea having a woman play James Bond  . . .  Jane Bond. I think it’s a good idea."

"I mean, why not?"  he continued.  "There’s an Australian actress who’s over here that I was just listening to on the television today, Margot Robbie." Lazenby said, “She would be good. She’s b***sy. She comes across like she’s very confident  . . . if you can pull that off, people will believe you." This leads to the question: Is Margot Robbie the right candidate to play James Bond? Or should we say, Jane Bond?

Margot Robbie in 'Bombshell' (IMDb)

Breaking down the character, Bond is a highly unique individual. He's the world's greatest secret agent. He dresses to kill and while at it, he's also got the license to kill. He's suave, charming, fit and most importantly, beds women with consummate ease. His character has given men a look at how to live the high life - one imbued with sophistication, grace, and danger. What Sherlock Holmes is to fiction, Bond is to cinema.

To be honest, Robbie does tick most of these boxes. She has an elegant sense of dressing and a wackier one (look at 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and 'Harley Quinn' for comparison). Charming. Yes. Fit. Definitely. And suave? Absolutely. Quite simply, she does tick most of the boxes and it might not be a bad idea to consider. 

Add to this is the multiple projects she's worked on and the vivid and vibrant role she' essayed. These roles serve as proof that Robbie can play a secret agent. It would just be one of those new roles. 

In fact, those who have read Anthony Horowitz's 'Forever and a Day' will know there's a familiar character called Sixtine, who comes to mind when we think of a female Bond. Commissioned by the estate of Bond's creator, Ian Fleming, the book is an explosive prequel to 'Casino Royale' and follows Bond's first mission as a double-O.

Sixtine plays a ruthless female lead who Bond encounters during his mission in France. Joanne Brochet was an intelligence operative employed by Special Operations Executive who Bond works with.

While this is comparison is purely subjective, we can still look at Robbie as one of the options if the franchise ever goes with the idea of presenting a female Bond to the world. And safe to say, Lazenby did make a good suggestion. 

Meanwhile, 'No Time to Die' releases on November 25 in the US. 

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