Ex-Charlton footballer Montell Moore guilty of raping 17-year-old Tinder date and posting footage on WhatsApp

Ex-Charlton footballer Montell Moore guilty of raping 17-year-old Tinder date and posting footage on WhatsApp

A football player raped a 17-year-old girl after he met her on Tinder and then posted the video clip of the act on WhatsApp. The former Charlton player is now facing jail for the crime. 

Twenty two-year-old Montell Moore and his friend, 23-year-old Sofian Zoberi, laughed and held a pillow and duvet over the teenage girl's face to muffle her cries and screams, it was heard in court. The pair also filmed the teen while she was naked and sent the video clip to many of their friends via WhatsApp after the attack on March 12, 2016. 


Moore had met the teenager on Tinder just a week before the attack and also referred to the girl as "sket" while in court. Moore also revealed that the word "sket' was a disrespectful name for a prostitute. He insisted he "did not have any intention at all about causing her any harm or committing any sexual offenses," as reported by DailyMail

"I don’t ever remember asking her for a threesome. When I first went into Zoberi’s bedroom he was not there and the lights were on and the TV. Zoberi appeared he was coming in and out of the room. It was my idea to film the sexual activity. We both filmed it," Moore added. 

When he was asked why he decided to send the clips out, he said, "I wanted to get rid of them off my phone without having to delete them. I did not think she was fair game. I was not very keen for her to come over that night". Moore denied three counts of rape but did get convicted for two counts of rape and one count of sexual assault. 

Moore's friend Zoberi, on the other hand,  denied two counts of rape but was convicted of one count of rape and one count of sexual assault. Both the men admitted to disclosing the private sexual images. Judge Robin Johnson said, "These are very serious offenses. There are high stakes for the defendants and indeed for the complainant who you may agree with me acted with astonishing composure". 

Sofian Zoberi (Source: YouTube)
Sofian Zoberi (Source: YouTube)

Moore and Zoberi burst into tears as they hugged each other while their family and friends cried in the background. The prosecutor Caroline Carberry QC said that the girl had agreed to meet up with Moore for sex at his flat once they had established a connection on Tinder. "During intercourse, Mr. Moore asked if he could film them. She said under no uncertain terms that he could not," Caroline said. 

"At some point in the proceedings Mr. Moore asked the complainant if they could have anal sex and she told him clearly no as she was concerned it would be painful," Caroline continued. Moore had also told the victim that his friend would leave so that they could be together but she saw Zoberi standing behind her during the attack. 

She also told the police about the duvet and pillows that were held over her face. "They were just laughing. I lay there, I was crying I don’t think he saw me crying. I was just thinking 'Okay well this is rape'. What has gone on here has happened. I was just in shock. I don’t know. I didn’t think that much of it," the victim shared. 

Montell Moore (Source: YouTube)
Montell Moore (Source: YouTube)

"I just thought "okay I was raped". They both fell asleep next to me. I was lying next to them. I had no idea where my clothes were," she continued. The police recovered five videos of the intercourse from Zoberi's phone which lasted up to 70 seconds.  "I was just so disgusted. I just froze. I was crying - I cried a lot that night but did not really see," the teenager added. 

"They did not take me seriously at all. They kept telling me to 'shut up' and they made me feel vulnerable. They told me to shut up about not wanting to do it. I did not shout I did get scared. I did not try to intervene. I have never been in a place where it was so casual. I think they did it again at the end it was pretty repetitive," she added. 

"They just did it anyway. I tried to see and they would switch and move away. They did not care about treating me in that way. They just did what they wanted to do," she continued.  According to the victim, Montell was the leader and his friend did what he wanted him to do. "'I realize I should have just left then," she said. "He was recording at some point. He pulled me back and my hair was wrapped around his wrist". 

"I did not want to do anything with the friend. I told the friend: 'I already told you no'. It made me feel worthless like I was cheap. I was already in a situation I could not get out of. At one point I did not want to have sex with either of them. I just thought well it is just going to have to be an option I am going to take. I did not know how to get out," she revealed. 

Zoberi admitted to taking the videos and shared, "I took a couple them doing sexual intercourse. I agree that the camera moved and showed my hand holding my penis. It was not erect I was just being stupid.  I never heard her being called a slut. Montell was not aggressive he asked her before doing anything". 

Moore was jailed for 11½ years and Zoberi for 8½ years. Both the men have been placed on the sex offender register for life.

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 Former Charlton football player accused of rape teenager with his friend meeting Tinder