Fans in shock after former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson's ex-wife Loni Willison looked homeless rummaging through trash

Former fitness model Loni Willison was barely recognizable as she searched garbage bins and pushed a shopping cart filled with her belongings on the streets of Los Angeles

                            Fans in shock after former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson's ex-wife Loni Willison looked homeless rummaging through trash

Loni Wilson, former 'Baywatch' star Jeremy Jackson's ex-wife, has apparently fallen on hard times after she was spotted rummaging through garbage bins, according to a Daily Mail report.

Pushing a cart full of her belongings along the streets of Los Angeles, Willison appeared to be homeless. She was married to Jackson for two years. Barely recognizable from her erstwhile self as a model and bodybuilder, the 35-year-old looked disheveled and unwashed, with her trademark blonde locks chopped short.

Jackson, a former alcoholic who had a turbulent relationship with Willison, reportedly tried to choke and strangle her in bed after a drunken argument before they split in 2014.

The former model was spotted pushing a shopping cart brimming with blankets, clothes, bags, and several other items around the city's garbage dumps. Her appearance was a sorry figure, wearing a backward baseball cap, open-toed sandals, a maxi skirt, glasses, a revealing tank top, and a flannel wrapped around her waist. As passers-by looked on in shock, they saw her searching through a shopping cart before pulling out a long, yellow-beaded necklace and wrapping it around her neck.


She continued looking for more items to gather and was seen stopping by some blue garbage bins and adding a number of random items to her cart.

Willison had kept a low profile since her split with the former Baywatch hunk. The former bodybuilder tied the knot with Jackson in 2012 in a private ceremony at a resort in Laguna Beach, California. 

When Jackson was kicked out of 'Celebrity Big Brother' back in 2015 for exposing fellow housemate Chloe Goodman's private parts, Willison spoke out against her former spouse. At the time, she said she regretted not reporting his alleged attack to authorities and encouraged Goodman to press charges against Jackson.

Willison can be heard in a disturbing audio clip - obtained by Daily Mail in 2015 - screaming in terror as Jackson reportedly strangled her and beat her, leaving her with an injured neck, two broken ribs, and bruises across her body. The police report on the incident in August 2014 stated that the star was accused of attempted murder. However, Willison later decided not to press charges and the case died a natural death.

According to Willison, she began recording the altercation because she wanted to prove he was acting "crazy". In the audio clip, the couple is first heard arguing about Willison's business ideas before Jackson suddenly turns aggressive and hurls her phone across the room. He then proceeds to throw two bottles of beer at a TV screen, smashing it in the process.