'For Life' Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers: Aaron Wallace calls on Safiyah Masry to help him out of a tight spot

'For Life' Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers: Aaron Wallace calls on Safiyah Masry to help him out of a tight spot
Nicholas Pinnock as Aaron Wallace and Indira Varma as Safiyah Masry on 'For Life' (ABC)

'For Life' returns from its winter break and during its time away, it's caught up to reflect more current times - meaning that Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) and his family are now dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic over everything else and there's a lot of else to be dealing with. Though Aaron and his wife Marie (Joy Bryant) have started to reconcile, they still have a long way to go before their marriage is in the stable place it needs to be. In the meantime, Aaron is walking a fine line between doing all he can to defend his clients and staying within the strict boundary lines of his parole. 

Last episode, he was already caught out past his curfew by his parole officer. While Aaron avoided going to prison, it was a close and the pressure on him is going to be twice as strong going forward. He can't do everything alone and on his next case, he's going to be calling in his former prison warden, Safiyah Masry (Indira Varma) to help him on a case at Bellmore and how the pandemic is being handled there. Safiyah might not be the warden anymore, but she should still know just what strings to pull to help 

Marie has her own coronavirus problems to be worrying about - namely, whether she should be doing more to help. As a nurse, helping as many people as possible is her calling, but increased exposure means an increased risk of catching the virus herself, putting her family at risk even as she's forced to spend more time away from them at a critical time. Marie has a choice to make and with her daughter and grandson at home, it's not a choice that Marie can make all on her own.

The synopsis for this episode, titled '354', reads, "After an urgent call from Bellmore concerning the growing COVID-19 pandemic, Aaron enlists Safiya's help and heads back to the prison to investigate; Marie must decide between exposing her family to the virus and going all-in at the hospital."

You can watch a trailer for the episode below:



This episode of 'For Life' airs January 27 at 10 pm ET, on ABC.

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