'For Life' Season 2 Episode 4: Aaron's mom slammed for shedding fake tears, fans ask 'where was she for 9 years?'

Aaron Wallace's mother Barbara finally visits him now that he's out of prison, after having abandoned him for almost a decade

                            'For Life' Season 2 Episode 4: Aaron's mom slammed for shedding fake tears, fans ask 'where was she for 9 years?'

Spoilers for 'For Life' Season 2 Episode 4 'Time to Move On'

Fans of 'For Life' have always been behind Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) every step of the way, and they're not so easy to forgive everyone who hurt Aaron while he was locked up in prison for nine years. While there's plenty of rage for both Marie Wallace (Joy Bryant) and Darius Johnson (Brandon J Dirden), the focus of this episode's ire is Aaron's mother, Barbara (Sharon Washington). She may be happy to see him now, but where was she for the last nine years?

A lot of Aaron's friends and family appeared to have abandoned him as his years in jail went on. One of the most hurtful of those abandonments came from Aaron's own mother, who never visited him in prison even once for the nine years he was there, even though his father took the trouble to visit Aaron regularly. When Aaron's parents come home for Thanksgiving, fans are not quite ready to see the two reconcile.

"I wanna say phuck his mama too but I guess we gon see her in a few regardless," wrote a fan, early in the episode. Fans were sour over seeing Barbara tearfully hold her son the first time she saw him in person. "I’m sorry but she can keep them fake a** tears....NOT SORRY," wrote one Twitter user. "Ma’am!!! Miss me with them fake a** tears," wrote another. "Ok, nobody feeling Mama tears of joy," wrote this viewer.





Many fans had some very harsh words for Aaron's mother even after she apologized over Thanksgiving dinner, letting Aaron know that she understood if he was still mad at her. Most of the fans were in disbelief that Barbara could ever abandon her son the way that she did and for the length that she did.

"Aaron was looking at his mom like he didn’t know her... I definitely would’ve probably reacted the same way.. can’t believe she never went to visit him smh," wrote one fan. "Whatever, Lady! Aaron & the family was looking at her like, really lady? You didn’t visit your son, not 1 time..." wrote another. "F**k his Mama. Nothing on this planet could make me not love my child and let them rot...," wrote one impassioned viewer." One fan pointed out the hypocrisy of the scene where Barbara started asking about Aaron's job, writing, "Now all of sudden his Mom wanna know all about her son and be concerned where was all that 10 yrs ago."





Aaron himself hasn't gotten to the point where he can forgive his mother, but over Thanksgiving dinner he can at least admit how hurt he was that she abandoned him and that he didn't understand why she would do that. While it may be possible that he can forgive her, that won't be coming for a long time yet.

The next episode of 'For Life' airs on December 16 on ABC.

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