'For Life' Season 2 Episode 3: Aaron Wallace needs to get 'a fresh cut and some new suits', say fans

Aaron Wallace may have a new lease on life, but fans are disappointed that his suit and haircut remain the same

                            'For Life' Season 2 Episode 3: Aaron Wallace needs to get 'a fresh cut and some new suits', say fans

Spoilers for 'For Life' Season 2 Episode 3 'The Necessity Defence'

Life's looking up for Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock). He's out of jail, he's with his family, he's practicing law - he's even got back into his wife Marie's (Joy Bryant) good books. While he may be an all-new man, however, he's definitely not been dressing for the part and as much as the fans love the man, they believe it's past time he updates his look. He's been in the same suit and haircut since season one and it's beyond time for a change.

Aaron has done a lot of adjusting to his life back on the outside but one thing he hasn't gotten around to yet is buying a new suit. "Yo, but now that Aaron’s out can bruh get a new suit or he gonna be like Matlock?" wrote a fan, online. "2 mins into the show and Aaron Wallace still wearing that same suit," lamented another. "They gotta get my boy Wallace a new suit man cmon," asked a fan. "I need my guy to get a new suit tho I thought the first thing you got outta jail was a new fit!" wrote this viewer.










Other fans are waiting for Aaron to at least get a proper haircut. "When are we going to get Aaron a fresh cut and some new suits?" wrote a fan. "I love my man Aaron to death, but I wish they would hook him up with a fresh cut. He deserves it!" wrote another. One fan even reached out to the show's executive producer, 50 Cent, to ask for a new haircut on Aaron's behalf, writing, "#ForLife is an awesome show but can we shape up the beard and hair, not to nothing but he is not longer in prison. I want him to send the message of a black man but every black man I know hit the barbershop."







Hope began to rise for the fandom when Marie said she'd gotten Aaron a gift - a hope that was quickly crushed when it was revealed that all she'd gotten him was a briefcase and the fans were equally quick to express their disappointment. "Damn I thought Maria got Aaron a new suit, instead it was a briefcase," wrote one fan. "Damn Marie lol thought da gift was gonna be a new suit for Aaron da fck #ForLife lmao @50cent hook ya mans up shit," said another fan, appealing to 50 Cent once again.





For the time being, it appears that the only new suit that Aaron's going to be dealing with are lawsuits because neither 50 Cent nor Marie are getting him a new look for this new season.

The next episode of 'For Life' airs on December 9, on ABC.

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