'For Life' Season 2 Episode 1: 'Never Stop Fighting' becomes a rallying cry for Aaron Wallace fans

Aaron fights for justice, and to clear his name, and the fans are behind him 100% in an emotional episode

                            'For Life' Season 2 Episode 1: 'Never Stop Fighting' becomes a rallying cry for Aaron Wallace fans

Spoilers for 'For Life' Season 2 Episode 1 'Never Stop Fighting'

Season 1 left Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) so tantalizingly close to freedom, before it threw in a wrench. Glen Maskins (Boris McGiver) offered Aaron a deal, one that would give Aaron an early release but forever label him a felon, and unable to practice law. It was a tough decision for Aaron: take the deal, and sully his name, or risk it all in court, and that cliffhanger has been hanging over the fans' heads for months as they wait for the show's return.

Ultimately, though, Aaron chose not to take the deal, much to the fans' delight. "Wouldn’t be much of a season if Aaron didn’t fight. We all know what kind if man he is," writes a fan. "That’s right Aaron! Lol don’t give them anything. No leverage. Play the game," writes another. "Good I’m glad he ain’t sign. I want him to take down all the peoples involved in him being in jail," writes this viewer.




Aaron's gamble paid off though he didn't leave everything to chance. A series of deals, clever planning and knowledge of his opponents' corruption and weaknesses means that not only was Aaron able to negotiate his own release. He managed to prevent Maskins from becoming Attorney General as well. Fans grew emotional as they watched Aaron walk out of prison with his belongings, his fellow inmates applauding his farewell.

"Way to go, Aaron! Walk that walk!! you're a hero to the people that you made, freed them from trials, and figuring out how to get yourself out of there!!!" writes a fan. "#ForLife got me in happy tears right now y’all can call 50 cent what you want that man be coming with some heat!" writes another. "That's love right there. The prison squad showed up and showed out. Gave our boy a proper send-off. Never forget, man," writes this viewer. "Maskins is GONE!!!!! and Aaron, he's finally free!! Bye bye, Maskins. He's going to continue his training to become a lawyer!!!! That's his number 1 priority!!!! NEVER👏🏾 STOP👏🏾 FIGHTING!!!" writes one enthusiastic fan. 





A lot of viewers felt a personal connection to Aaron's struggle, making them all the happier when he was released. "I feel like I went through that whole prison system with him," writes a fan. "Wow! This was an amazing episode! After the year we had as a black community ...we needed this!!!" writes this viewer. "Yo why am I smiling like I know Aaron ... he deserves it... truth is we all relate to this show because we know too many family and friends who are and who were in his position" writes another. "Look at all of those brown hands," notes this fan, talking about the prisoners applauding Aaron's release. On fan is keeping their eye on the future, writing, "I’m so happy he free I can’t wait to see how this season play out."






The next episode of 'For Life' airs on November 25 on ABC.

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