‘For Life’ Episode 4: Fans say Marie 'chose herself' after she moves on with Darius while Aaron is in jail

‘For Life’ Episode 4: Fans say Marie 'chose herself' after she moves on with Darius while Aaron is in jail
Aaron and Marie Wallace (ABC)

Episode 4 of ‘For Life’ which showcased Marie’s backstory, ran high on emotions. Not only was her struggle real and relatable, but the episode also narrated the story so far from her perspective, emphasizing the impact of wrongful convictions on the families. 

Another highlight of For Life's latest episode was Aaron and Marie’s broken marriage and her romantic relationship with Aaron’s best friend Darius. Although we couldn’t help but sympathize with her for all that she’s been through, viewers on watching the latest episode have taken to social media to express their disapproval of her actions, essentially for ‘abandoning’ her husband when he needed her the most. 

One fan wrote, “While I can understand how a person’s feelings for their partner can diminish in a situation like this, to turn around and hook up with your former partner’s best friend? There is no way that I will ever understand that.”

“Marie........ just chose herself that’s all. 8 years is a long time without a man’s touch. #forLife,” added another. 

Meanwhile, a lot of them have called out Darius for more than one reason. A few have questioned his integrity for ‘hooking up’ with his best friend’s wife. “I mean I get that he have been away for years but that fact that he keeps on contact with Darrius is enough for him to NOT be with Marie. But that’s just my opinion. #ForLife.”

The rest strongly feel that Darius framed Aaron, only to have his way with Marie. A fan tweeted, “He hasn't missed a single birthday because he has been stalking, plotting, and scheming to lock your man up. He wanted you to himself. The only way get Marie is go get rid of Aaron.”

“And I’m not believing that act Darius was playing like he didn’t want to do it either. He just set it up to make her think it was her decision. #ForLife,” another noted. 


‘For Life’ airs on Tuesdays on ABC. 

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