'For Life' Season 2 Episode 2: Aaron Wallace returns home, fans grateful writers didn't 'sugarcoat' it

Aaron Wallace's homecoming is applauded by the fans, but they also appreciate the show for showing how hard readjustment can be

                            'For Life' Season 2 Episode 2: Aaron Wallace returns home, fans grateful writers didn't 'sugarcoat' it

Spoilers for 'For Life' Season 2 Episode 2 'Homecoming'

Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) has, after almost ten years, finally come home, but that doesn't mean he immediately gets his happy ending. Life is hard enough even without a three-year probation hanging over your head and though his family is happy to see him, there are some major adjustments that need to be made. The fans were thrilled to see Aaron return home, but they were just as pleased that the show doesn't sugarcoat the problems that come with readjusting to home life.

Though last episode's prison release scene was something fans had been waiting all season to see, Aaron's return home was equally cathartic. "I’m so dang happy Aaron is home," wrote a fan. "The reunion we've been waiting for!!" said one fan, celebrating Aaron meeting with his family and meeting his grandchild for the first time. "What's even better than freedom, meeting a new grandchild," noted another viewer. "To see Aaron hugging his Daughter, Jasmine, and his Grandson, AJ, is giving me tremendous feels," said another. Other fans, like this one, were already looking forward to what Aaron's going to be doing next, with one who wrote "Yooo, can't believe Aaron is a free man. I just caught up yesterday and screamed so loud to see him walk out a free man." 











However, life at home wasn't all sunshine this episode. Marie Wallace (Joy Bryant) has Aaron sleeping on the couch as she adjusts to him living back at home. Aaron still has a lot of mental issues to work out himself and now that he's home, he needs to do his bit to contribute to the financial stability of his family. "Love that the writers aren't sugar coating what it REALLY looks like when you've spent so much time in prison and finally get to go home," wrote one viewer. "Aaron is displaying symptoms of PTSD, which impact many returning home from incarceration, and highlights the need for mental health supports!" said this fan. "Aaron is back in the real world now. Did y’all think this would be easy? He has a lot to deal with mentality and emotionally while still trying to help others. He’s the realest tho," said one admirer of Aaron's. "Marie is struggling with adjustment just like Aaron ... whew. This is a lot to take in," wrote another fan.











Still, life on the outside is a lot easier than life inside. Aaron may still have a number of troubles ahead, but he's got his family by his side as he does so.

The next episode of 'For Life' airs December 2 at 10 pm ET, on ABC.

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