Woman tries to stop a fight between two men and gets beaten up with batons by authorities instead

The footage show policemen hitting the woman with full force in a party resort in Majorca as they continue their crackdown on uncouth vacationers

                            Woman tries to stop a fight between two men and gets beaten up with batons by authorities instead

A young British woman who was trying to break up a fight between two men in Magaluf, Majorca, was attacked by a Spanish police officer, and now the footage of the incident has gone viral.

Two men, reportedly British, are seen having an altercation in the street when the unnamed woman steps in to stop the fight. Moments later, two Civil Guard authorities arrive at the scene and begin assaulting all three British nationals with their batons, without any audible or visible warning. The policemen are seen attacking the innocent young woman with full force before pushing her male friend onto the pavement. She is later heard in the video crying out in pain.

Twenty-two-year-old Danielle Finlay Brookes from Cheshire, who works at the bar across the road from where the argument occurred, caught the whole incident on camera. According to her, this is not the first time British tourists have been specifically targeted by the Guardia Civil. In the past, authorities in Magaluf, a town famous as a "party destination" among Brits and fellow Europeans, have vowed to crack down on uncivilized tourists, Daily Mail reports.

The incident allegedly took place at 3.15 am on Saturday when the two men in white tank tops got into a fight, Finlay Brookes says. A young woman, possibly a teenager, tries to break the duo apart and puts her arm around one of them. Her efforts appear to be successful and the situation calms down considerably when suddenly a Civil Guard officer confronts them.

He dashes towards the trio and hits the men twice a baton before assaulting the woman at least once. The officer appears to offers no warning before resorting to violence. Moments later, another Civil Guard approaches the scene and proceeds to hit one of the men with his baton while the other man is pushed to the ground with full force.

The video was posted by Finlay Brookes to a Facebook group for seasonal Magaluf workers and captioned: "Spanish Guardia for you attacking a girl for no reason."In the background, the 22-year-old can be heard calling the Guardia Civil "bang out of f***ing order as usual. They just hit a girl for no reason. They're f***ing disgusting. Absolutely disgusting."

She is heard telling someone in the background: "Got it on video for once. Got the whole thing on video. They just hit that poor girl. She's f***ing crying, she didn't even do anything, she wasn't involved."


When Finlay Brookes posted the footage online, she wrote that she "never had an issue with the Policia Local [local Magaluf police]."

"The Guardia Civil [national military police force] on the other hand is a whole different story. The video shows a British girl who must have only just been eighteen, be attacked by them, no questions asked, and before any other action was taken by the Guardia to calm her friends. Seems to me that it's not the tourists giving Magaluf a bad name, it is, in fact, the people that are meant to 'serve and protect' us."

"I actually began recording the video as we found it amusing how petty the fight was. When I began recording the Guardia were nowhere around. They drove down the strip halfway through, and instantly jumped from their car and responded like this without even trying to calm the situation first," she said today, according to Daily Mail.