'Flower of Evil' Episode 3: Lee Joon-gi as Hee-sung turns scarier as Ji-won gets closer to unmasking his lies

'Flower of Evil' Episode 3 will continue to be a nail-biting chase that may as well end up with Ji-won finding out the truth about her husband Hee-sung

                            'Flower of Evil' Episode 3: Lee Joon-gi as Hee-sung turns scarier as Ji-won gets closer to unmasking his lies
Hyun-soo (tvN)

'Flower of Evil' Episode 2 hinted at the fact that Hyun-soo (Lee Joon-gi) was someone who didn't experience feelings or emotions. He learned them by watching workshops on expressions and understanding emotions. This attribute had, in fact, become a bane of his existence in his earlier years as everyone around him doubted him and even cast him aside on suspicions that he was a killer just like his father who was a serial killer. We also saw how the righteous reporter who filed crime stories had bullied Hyun-soo in the past. All of this is shown in a flashback while the reporter is actually held hostage in Hyun-soo's workshop. 

He is in the present living as Hee-sung, after being found by a rich couple to fill in their son's shoes. What exactly happened to Hee-sung is something that we would learn, but for now, the show centers on Hyun-soo. In the promo of the upcoming episode, we see Hee-sung's wife Ji-won (Moon Chae-won) investigate the death/missing case of the reporter and it is during this investigation that she seems to come very close to unmasking the truth about her husband. Just minutes before she arrives at the reporter's residence to investigate, we see Hee-sung snooping through his laptop. He clears out in a rush upon hearing his wife's voice. 

The promo also sees Ji-won certain that someone was very well in the apartment just until minutes ago and she looks around to confirm that the person is still not around. This is what makes us speculate that she might unmask the truth about Hee-sung being Hyun-soo sooner than later. However, the one thing that the promo doesn't seem to address is the death of the reporter's source, who had claimed that he believes Hyun-soo had killed the village chief of the village that he had lived in as a teenager. 

Without knowing that he was talking to Hyun-soo over the phone in episode 2, this source had also revealed hat Hyun-soo has been threatening him over calls and this surprises the actual Hyun-soo because he did no such thing. We also learn that this source used to be Hyun-soo's roommate in the past and that it was, in fact, he who would have betrayed Hyun-soo for money. Now, it looks like someone out there is duping Hyun-soo's identity and dropping bodies that suspiciously fall under Ji-won's investigating territory. Is this a trap at play or is there more to the killer who has taken the role of Hyun-soo. 

As the show has just begun, we have a lot of questions that need to be answered and the plot only thickens further at every turn. What twist will the upcoming episode hold?

'Flower of Evil' will air on tvN on Wednesday and Thursday at 10.50 pm KST and can be streamed on Viki Global. 

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