'Flower of Evil' Episode 16 Promo: Finale sees Hyun-soo stand trial in court, does he survive gunshot wound?

The 'Flower of Evil' Episode 16 promo shows Hyun-soo arrive in court to stand trial, but we are not sure if this is as a witness or defendant

                            'Flower of Evil' Episode 16 Promo: Finale sees Hyun-soo stand trial in court, does he survive gunshot wound?
Lee Joon-gi and Moon Chae-won (tvN)

'Flower of Evil' Episode 16, the finale of a thrilling tvN show will see the lead character Hyun-soo face the consequences of many things, including living under a false alias. He had lived as Baek Hee-seong for over 15 years and in this time, he had also gotten married to a woman who then became a cop. Furthermore, he is also a known suspect in the case of the Magori village foreman's murder case, which is something he had confessed to. Of course, Hyun-soo's detective wife Ji-won, and her senior at work Jae-seop have already learned the truth regarding the real murderer in the case. 

Not only the detectives but journalist Moo-jin, who happens to know Hyun-soo and his sister Hae-soo from when the three were young, also comes to learn that Hae-soo was the one who had killed the village foreman. She had revealed that the man was torturing Hyun-soo in the name of rehabilitating a murderer's son who might have the same 'disease' as his father. This had affected Hyun-soo so much that he had begun to hallucinate and see the form of his father every time he was forced to go through on of this village foreman's treatments that included different forms of exorcism as well. Hyun-soo had realized that as someone who has Anti Social Behavior Disorder, it was not possible for him to lead a 'normal' life, so he hopes that his sister could at least be freed of the prejudice of being a killer's daughter and so takes the blame for the murder. 

In reality, though, Hyun-soo has never hurt another person. Recently, he had been framed for the murder of Baek Hee-seong's house help. A crime that Hee-seong himself had committed to hide the truth that he was the real accomplice of serial killer Do Min-seok and that he had also killed the man. The news of Min-seok having committed suicide is also false, which is something that we learned from Jung Mi-sook in the previous episode. However, this is something that the cops haven't learned as of now. After the house help, Hee-seong has also killed another man, who had helped him supply humans to experiment and kill. 

The cops have managed to capture Hee-seong but only after the man had shot Hyun-soo and the episode ended with Ji-won next to Hyun-soo who is bleeding and might die anytime soon because he has injured his head. However, in the promo, not only do we see Hyun-soo at court, but we also see Ji-won tell her daughter that she wants Hyun-soo to be finally free of his past and move on in life so that the three of them can live together happily. So will the three of them manage to find their happy ending in the finale?

'Flower of Evil' will air on tvN on Wednesday and Thursday at 10.50 pm KST and can be streamed on Viki Global. 

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