'Flower of Evil' Episode 14: Ji-won and Hyun-soo's trust wavers as the killers win yet again

'Flower of Evil' Episode 14 shows how despite Hyun-soo and Ji-won's best efforts, Hee-seong ends up figuring out Hyun-soo's plans yet again, this time with the help of the cops

                            'Flower of Evil' Episode 14: Ji-won and Hyun-soo's trust wavers as the killers win yet again
Moon Chae-won and Lee Joon-gi (tvN)

Hee-seong realizes the day he kidnaps Jung Mi-sook that Do Min-seok cares for his son in his own manner. It might not be healthy, but it is what it is. When he realizes this, he understands the place he holds in Min-seok's life. A similar moment occurs in Ji-won (Moon Chae-won) and Hyun-soo's (Lee Joon-gi) life when Ji-won attempts to arrest her husband. Hyun-soo believes that his wife trusts him to not be the killer. However, that is not the case. He is disappointed but again, this doesn't lead him to make bad decisions. Instead, once he tells Ji-won that the last victim is still alive she hesitates and realizes that Hyun-soo will always leave her behind if possible every time he decides to face a dangerous situation or person.

So, the moment she realizes that he is going to be gunning for the accomplice and the human trafficker himself, she chains herself to him. Literally. Then the two of them, begin tracking in hopes of finding Mi-sook to reveal the truth about the accomplice. In the meantime, the thug Yam Seong-cheol has Mi-sook and tortures her into remembering what exactly happened all these years ago. She is held in the same basement where she was taken to by Hee-seong. So the stress that she is experiencing influences her memory into remembering the underground workshop where the other victims were held and even killed. During this period we also see how Hee-seong managed to calm his mother down and even influence her into recording a fake statement.

She is forced to confess that Hyun-soo lived as her son Hee-seong for 15 years because they were trying to help a poor man escape his past. This statement results in the cops getting strict and begin to watch Hyun-soo and Ji-won's home and other locations that they frequented to get some clues. This is also leaked to the media which leaves Hyun-soo no place to go to or hide this time. He will have to stay and face everything but he now has the support of his wife. The burning question at this point in the episode was about how and when Hyun-soo will find the truth about Hee-seong being the true accomplice, is that he has woken up from his coma after 15 long years.

A still of Ji-won and Hyun-soo after they walk away from the cops in 'Flower of Evil' episode 14. (tvN)

Once Ji-won and Hyun-soo get away from the cops and sit down to figure out what to do next, the two realize that the accomplice has set Hyun-soo up for the murder of Park Soo-young, Mr. Baek's house help. The accomplice aka Hee-seong's plans is working without a flaw at this moment as everyone is pointing fingers at Hyun-soo for living undercover and even taking his wife hostage to avoid the cops. However, he is not aware that Hyun-soo has Ji-won working alongside him and witnessing everything. So the first thing Hyun-soo does after figuring out that the accomplice and the human trafficker are on the same side is that he gets in touch with the thug to try and manipulate him. 

He tells the thug that the only way out for him is to join hands with Hyun-soo, hand Mi-sook over to him and the cops so that the accomplice can be taken care of while the thug can walk free from it all. If he were to join hands with the accomplice, the only thing that will happen is that the thug will definitely get killed by the serial killer's accomplice. As Mi-sook stays longed in the underground workshop that once belonged to Min-seok, she begins to remember a lot more of what happened that night and it includes Hee-seong murdering Min-seok. 

Turns out Hyun-soo's father hadn't died by suicide after all. He was killed by the accomplice for caring about his son. This is something that none of us had expected, but in hindsight, after watching Hee-seong strike his house help down; it isn't surprising. This man is fuelled by rage, unlike Min-seok who was able to carefully plan everything until the very last step. It is also this Hee-seong's emotional instability that will lead to his capture if we go by the former patterns that the show has portrayed. 

Hyun-soo's plans, however, falls at risk when Ji-won and his plan to capture the accomplice by setting a trap is leaked exactly to the one person who shouldn't have learned about the same -- Hee Seong. The chief of Ji-won's station releases this critical information to Mr. Baek and this leads to uncertainty over if Hyun-soo's plans will really work. With just two episodes left, will Hyun-soo really be able to break free of the past and emerge victorious?

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